Obeticholic approved in England, Wales and Northern Ireland


Above is the link to the brief article on the Foundation's site. Great news for many people who have PBC and are either intolerant or insuffitiently responsive to Ursodeoxycholic acid.

Patient access gradually increasing throughout Europe. We anticipate Scotland next.

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  • Excellent news.

  • it says 'page not found'

  • I copied the link incorrectly. It now works. Thanks for pointing that out.

  • great thanks :) excited to read the article :)

  • Fantastic news! Im from Northern Ireland, females and only in my thirties so this is very reassuring to hear :)

  • Since I'm the "can't tolerate group" it would be nice if Scotland was also included.

  • The company applied in Scotland later but we are currently going through the process. We shall keep you posted.

  • Can It stop the horrid itching and having cold sweats and the feeling that your skin is burning and sore ?

  • Hi Melwoods,

    I'm in Australia and 'Obeticholic acid' has not been approved here yet, so I can't personally say one way or the other that it improves the 'itch' of PBC - but, I have read one of it's side affects can be increased itching.

    I belong to a couple of the Facebook PBC support groups and have read posts from different people who are having positive experiences with the new drug, but then there are others who have had increased itching - if you are not responding sufficiently enough to Urso, the Obeticholic acid would be worth trying.


  • It is for slowing down progression and not for itch.

    First medication to use for itch is cholestyramine.

  • Thanks Robert

    I have tried that and naltrexone and rifampin

    No luck so i have been referred to Birmingham

  • Brilliant news for those who will benefit from it.

  • Anyone know how it compares with urso? Wondering whether it might be better in controlling symptoms even if they both reduce the biological markers.

  • Does anyone know if Obeticholic acid (OCA) is available now?

  • Hi, bullett.

    Yes, it is available in many places. I don't know where you are.

  • I am in Kent UK PBCRobert

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