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An inspirational man raising money for the PBC Foundation

Hi everyone,

We all know how marvellous the PBC Foundation is, well my friend and colleague, Rob, who knew nothing about PBC before my diagnosis, decided to raise some money for them after I told him how useful it had been.


He is undertaking a mammoth challenge, and it starts THIS weekend.

He is not only doing the three peaks challenge (Ben Nevis, Scafell Pike and Snowdon) but he is cycling between them as well!

That means he will be climbing 3 mountains and cycling 500 miles in 4 days WOW!!!

He has set himself not only a mammoth physical challenge but also a £3000 target. He has raised £2405 already, very impressive. But it would be great to get him to his target. If you feel like you are able to and would like to donate to add to his total then please visit the web site below. You can donate on line, but also by text donations.

My Husband and I are going up to Scotland to support him on his last climb ( as in shouting well done as he descends Ben Nevis :-) and it would be great to tell him he has reached his total. Please feel free to share the link to any friends/relatives as well if you think it would help.

The PBC Foundation needs all the money it can get.


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Hello busylady,

thanks for the link :) I just had a look at it. Absolutely amazing and good luck to him. I am posting the link in other forums and on fb as well.


Thank you very much


I saw on your blog that you had problems with encephalopathy as well. I have just been diagnosed with mild encephalopathy. However, they are not quite sure (as yet) why I have such high ammonia levels. They have been checking them on a regular basis and my last one was 297. I am sheduled for a liver CT on Thursday as there are no signs of cirrhosis nor portal hypertension on my liver US to see if I am shunting somewhere else into the system.


Oh, I forgot I was also told that I don't need to reduce my protein intake at present and if I could maintain it with my vegetarian diet that would be great and could aid my encephalopathy. Did you have to follow such instructions?


I did reduce my protein intake,as in reduced meat consumption. I know from reading the literature that this was a possible help. I was never actually advised to do it by Drs or dieticians though. I think my encephopathy was quite bad to be honest especially just prior to transplant, so was not sure how much my diet helped.

They did give me some lactalose, that was supposed to help.

I found stress and physical fatigue exhacerbated the symptoms.

Try and keep well and good luck with the tests

Best wishes


Thank you for such a quick answer :). I am on Lactulose for the past 3 weeks - such vile stuff - Well, I think I just wait and see.


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