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AMA question


I saw my consultant a few days ago and he reported that my latest blood tests from December 2012 show that my AMA is now negative but previously it has been positive. It was initially discovered that I had a AMA antibody back in 2007 which was positive after some routine blood tests. A couple of years ago my AMA reverted back to negative and then positive once more. My LFT's have always been normal but my consultant suspected PBC because of the positive AMA. It just seems odd that the AMA can fluctuate from positive to negative and back again, has anyone else had a similar experience?

All the best.


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Apparently the AMAs can show up negative and positive. I've only had positive AMAs back in Nov 2010 which gave me diagnose of PBC as I also had symptons of itching and at the time fatigue along with abnormal to deranged LFTs during 2010.

If you are testing normal with regards to the LFTs I expect you will just have repeat bloods at intervals to keep an eye on them. I believe that one has to reach a certain abnormality of the LFTs for urso to be started if PBC but again it can depend on the consultant I suppose.

I know once you are diagnosed with PBC and you have started urso due to abnormal LFTs it is highly unlikely that you would ever be taken off them due to the fact that it will be the urso that is helping to keep the LFTs at a pretty normal level/range.


Thanks Peridot for your reply. I didn't realise that AMA can show negative and positive. Yes my consultant suggested that my bloods be tested again in 12 months time to see if anything has changed.

Thanks again.



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