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Positive AMA, then negative?


Six months ago, my AMA was positive (25.6).

I just recently saw the liver specialist, who reran my blood work and just posted my AMA as negative. My follow up is in 3 weeks, so I'll have to ask the doc about it then.

(I am also positive ANA, so I'm not sure that it was a lab error or not since I have some other autoimmune issues going on).

Anyone have their AMA be positive, then negative? If so, what did your doctor say about it?

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Hi there,

I am in the same situation. I had a slightly positive AMA in November with normal LFT's. Retested in January with a negative AMA but a positive ANA (also just slightly above the range) and a slightly positive IgM (11 points over the top of the range). I don't have a follow up until June. I have Hashimoto's as well so I definitely have autoimmune issues. I would love to hear what your doctor tells you at your follow up.

Olivia1253 in reply to Goodgrl28

Hi there, just wondered if you are asymptomatic or if you have other symptoms of PBC such as itching. My Dermatologist ran some bloods and I had ANA of 200 and AMA of 100 but he says I have no symptoms and other bloods all normal I definitely do not have PBC. Will be seen again in six months so guess he'll do more bloods. Do hope all goes OK for you. X

Goodgrl28 in reply to Olivia1253


I am asymptomatic. I had the AMA test done because my 1st cousin was recently diagnosed with PBC. I saw a liver specialist and he said I do not currently have PBC. He wanted me to follow up with him one more time in June and then he wants my general practitioner to monitor my LFT's annually. Hope everything goes ok for you too!!

Olivia1253 in reply to Goodgrl28

Thanks for sharing your experiences....keep in touch and, more importantly, keep well x

Keep us posted! Sounds interesting.

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