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PBC and ?

It seems each time I go to the dr`s lately and have bloods done they come up with something else new thats wrong with me. I understand from reading up that if you have one auto immune disease then others can follow. Just wondered if anyone else was finding this.

So far I have PBC, Fibromyalgia, Raynauds, Alopecia Areata, Barrats Oephosagos, dry mouth and eyes, a hytus hernia, higher colestral and glucose intollerant.

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forgot to add the lastest was anemia


The girls in work where joking with me the other day about the exact same thing!

Every time I have bloods done the Dr finds more things !

So far I have gallstones osteoporosis neck lower back just got over kidney infection high blood pressure fluid retention swelling of ankles and stomach hyatus hernia dry mouth I think I have fibromyalgia not yet confirmed and the most annoying thing fatigue.

I have just had more bloods done so watch this space!

Take care we should see who van reach 20 first !

Oh yes one more thing a large dose of a good sense of humour :)

Take care


Did you see my post about the bad memory? Well you have just reminded me of things that I didnt put down. I also have gallstones, swelling of lower legs and hands and of course the fatigue and itching.

I think some of the things we have to cope with everyday just become part of life and you begin to see them as just being normal.

Without a good sense of humour life wouldnt be much fun at all..


I hadn't seen it I will check it out now before I forget !


For what it's worth, I think there are two aspects to this...

Firstly, yes: if you have one auto-immune condition, it is not uncommon to develop another.

Secondly, those with PBC will often be well monitored, getting more medics' attention than most, which in turn means that anything else happening in the body can get picked up easier, quicker and with better response than most people (who will often put off going to a Dr till the last minute).

Another great question, and we await to see what answers come...


totally agree Robert!! i have had pbc. overlap with aih. since 2004, have met you at one of our cornwall meetings when first diagnosed,.. although it was the 1 and only i went too!! i felt very scared of all the prospects of the illness and sorry to say didnt go back:( i dont think we have a support group in cornwall any more which is sad, i have suffered with this illness greatly.. also have polymyalgic/ and pan uvietis which has been totally scary!! currently i am on a trial at Bristol eye hospital since June, the trial is humara, not sure if i am getting the drug or placebo.. have been on a high dose of steroids which has helped my sight massively:) but the preds stopped last week.. and here we go again so so tired.. the dreaded itch is back with a vengence!! saw my gp. last night and ... cant help you Lucretia has dont know much about this!! can you contact your Hep specialist i say yes... did this this am.. still waiting for help!! do you no i take 22 pills a day.. do every thing i am told to do and still waiting for help!!!!!!! this illness sucks and i get know answears still after all this time... but when i feel good its great:) but when it all comes back feel so so low, sorry to go on but need to talk sometimes, god bless you all, Lucretia.


It does help to be able to talk to others that are going through the same thing.

Hope you get the help you need quickly.

I was offered pred for my hair loss but wasnt sure if it was safe to take for the liver.


thankyou, i am on a maintained dose of pred for the liver as it helps calm the imflamation , i dont like it has it gives nasty side effects, but if it helps needs must.


Saw the dermatologist today for a check up on my Alopecia Areata. Showed him some marks on my legs that the dr had given me cream for but it was having no effect. he looked and said it was Granuloma another auto immune disease.


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