Hi all , My question is has anyone else developed very very dry skin ? i have used baby oil gel , all kinds of lotions and nothing seems to help :( any one with any suggestions ?? . also i have started with what looks like i have a tan then started peeling over my liver area and on my chest , haven't noticed it any where else ~ any ideas what this may be ?? . This PBC can be so frustrating at times and i guess today is one of those days . thanks for any response :)

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  • Read about, ask your doctor and then consider trying Omega 3 supplements. Best from flax seeds or fish oil (flax seeds apparently have some additional benefits, plus there is no worry about heavy metal poisoning, as with fish oil). I have read about studies showing that is helps in Sicca Syndrom, dry tissues generally, not to speak about major cardiovascular benefits and others.

    Externally try olive or coconut oil (this one smells VERY good too). Or course, don't forget to drink water... :). Good luck.

  • Thank You Christina :) , i also have the Sicca Syndrome . i will sure give these a try !

  • Hi , I have extreamly dry skin and rub alsorts of creams and oil in like you and I have also tried coconut oil and that doesn't work either. it goes worse everytime I have a shower even if I don't use soap or showere gel, I am at my wits end with it, I can just sit picking it off.

    Better shut up before I get into one of my no one is helping us depressed days ( I would put a smily here if I could find them )

  • I bought the Coconut Oil yesterday and no change this morning , it's only been one day so i will give it some time then if that doesn't help i will try the Hemp Oil with Argan Oil as PamRopp suggest ~ hopefully something gives .

  • Ha ha Linda I often think we should have a like button like Facebook and emoticon buttons

  • Hi Linda (smiley face back at ya' !!!) Try Dove Pro Age shower gel and if you cannot get that, Baylis & Harding johoba silk & almond oil shower creme, then Garnier Ultimate Beauty Oil for after shower. These have worked for me. Also, if you wish to go fully natural then simply get pure Almond Oil from your local Naturalist shop (like Holland & Barrett), it's in a small brown bottle but goes a very long way. I also recommend the almond oil for rubbing into not just your skin, but nails as well. They make them lovely and the skin around the nails soft.

    hope this helps

  • I've been using Hemp oil with Argan oil............I love it and it really helps without feeling greasy.

  • Thanks Pam , i did go buy some of the Coconut Oil yesterday so will give it a try and some time .

  • I have patches of very dry red skin(coin shaped) on my legs and back. I use Vaseline deep moisture creamy formula with vitamin E. It helps and so does drinking lots of H2O. I find when I am not diligent with drinking, my skin is dryer. I am just very thankful that these areas do not itch. I plan on seeing a Dermatologist in the near future. On another note, The other day someone said to me that I looked great because of my "TAN". lol Good luck finding something that works for you. Judi

  • Healthangel i am terrible about drinking H20 :(( guess thats just one more thing this PBC changes ~ Uggg . i do have some itching but seem to be able to control it with the Benadryl for now so am thankful for this as i have talked with some that have terrible itching . funny about the tan i was one to be in the sun and tan often but since getting worse with the PBC i find i don't tolerate being in the heat too well anymore :( . thanks for your reply :)and good luck at your Dermatologist !

  • This tan is from the PBC because I never sit out in the Florida sun and even more so now just like you. I have also drastically changed my eating habits. Now I am on low fat and eating lots of fruits and veggies. I am not eating red meat much and if I do it is very lean, I find I process fish and poultry much better. I do miss juicy burgers and bacon, but my health is more important to me. Try squeezing lemon into the water. I also add a little juice. Straight water is difficult for me too. Weak green tea with lemon is good too. I am glad the benedryl is working for you. Have a peaceful itch free rest of the day. :)

  • Hi Healthangel. I always ate a low fat diet and very little meat but find now that I no longer drink wine I love sugary high fat stuff late at night lol, you can't win! I eat porridge, banana, blueberries, linseed and cinnamon for breakfast with a big glass of lemon and hot water.. Set me up for the day. Eat lots of fruit & veg & fish, oily once or twice a week. I had jaundice (that is how I was diagnosed in June this year) since being on steroids and urso the jaundice is gone and my lft's are heading back to normal. I hate the idea of the steroids but I think because of my good diet and exercise at least I am not gaining weight though have puffy cheeks time to time. My skin is much darker too, think the pigment changes . I am not sure that diet and lifestyle help slow the progression of the disease but certainly helps you feel better and more importantly gives a bit of control over to you.

  • The other thing I read is that a couple of cups of coffee a day is actually good for your liver. Green and black tea too.

  • Hi Junolee, I have a similar breakfast of rolled oats, blueberries, honey, cinnamon. No alcohol, but I never was a fan of the taste anyway, so no great loss for me. I do drink coffee in the am, but at night it is decaf, green tea or hot low salt broth. Sweet tooth cravings are less than before but I will have a low fat ice cream sometimes at night. My doctor said to have a hard boiled egg minus the yolk if I get hungry at night. My LFT's are a hair above normal now. I have been on Urso and Milk Thistle since March when I received my diagnosis. I am so thankful we have this opportunity on here to share with others who truly understand the journey. Have a safe, happy and health healing day, my friend. Judi

  • Hi Junolee, I felt the same after giving up wine, I think it is because wine is empty calories and the body craves sweetness. I used to love bread butter and jam. Now I put low fat yoghurt or quark on my bread with a bit of jam or honey. Seems to do the trick. But I confess to eating an icecream most days this summer, it's my one weakness.

  • Sounds like psoriasis to me.. I suffer from this also..

  • Hi Ya

    I have very dry skin due to Underactive Thyroid, I have also just been diagnosed with PBC so it could be due to this too. I use Aqueous Cream, I get it on repeat from the doctors, put it in the fridge and when your skin gets dry and itchy it is heaven.

  • Hi Palula :) , i will make a note of this as i am not having much luck with anything else :( and i am one to faithfully put lotion or the coconut oil on while still damp fresh out of the shower .

  • In a very special ayurvedic clinic I was tought to begin the day sitting on my bed and massage my feet, legs, hand, arms and low back with any clean oil (I was given sezam oil) and also glugluglu mouth with it, then only went to take a light shower without any soap or sg similar. And also several times a day some massage with oils, it was so nice! I thik the coconut oil should be used also like this. Worth of a try.

    My skin has never been so nice. Always before shower. Be well!

  • Hi All just an update ~ My sons and adopted daughter bought me a gift of body butter from Bath and Body works and i use it daily and am happy to say this is a god send to me :)) it has helped me tremedously with the dry skin ! and i always smell soo good :) .

  • Try Aveeno cream , it is colloidal oatmeal and is amazing for dry and sensitive skin . I am an HCA in a pharmacy and was diagnosed with PBC over 4 yrs ago , i have tried every skin product going and although they work for ashort time i always revert back to aveeno . I have recommended aveeno to many of my customers with bad skin conditions not connected to pbc and most of them have been using steriod creams for yrs and the feedback has been amazing ! They are finding they only need to use steriods when the seasons change and causes a flare up which is mostly autumn and winter so they have reduced the steriod treatment from weekly , monthly to a couple of times a year !! You can get it on repeat prescription (like me) or buy over the counter , its not expensive bout 3 or 4 pounds and goes a long way , it also comes in body wash , bath oil and shower gell , check it out !!

  • E45 cream/lotion morning noon and night. Make sure any creams you do try don't contain lanolin (oil that comes from sheep), as it sometimes an irritant. Especially if, like me, are allergic to wool.

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