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Weight gain and severe cellulite

I got diagnosed with pbc two years ago and have been taking urso for about 8 months. I have now gained a stone in weight even though I don't over eat and have severe cellulite on the backs of my legs and some on my arms. I'm 36 and it really distresses me that I have this on top of everything else! Does anyone else have the same and is there anything to help with the weight? I walk everyday and diet but it won't shift!! HELP

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I too have put weight on and my consultant said if I could lose some weight that would be great but not to worry because I may not be able to. I also watch what I am eating, tried cutting down but to no avail. Therefore I just carry on eating as healthily as possible, keep fit but don't lose any sleep if I dont manage to lose weight. I feel I have enough to contend with as I suffer horrible body pains and severe fatigue amongst other minor pbc problems. Try not to get hung up too much about losing weight.:-))


I just find it so awful on top of everything else?!! I have veins showing everywhere and pigmentation on my face which needs to be caked in make up and I also suffer with fatigue and puritus - It's the outwardly effect that gets me down the most as its just one thing after the other constantly and I just want to look normal.


I have put on weight since i was diagnosed with an underactive thyroid 11 months ago. Its worth getting it checked out as with 1 autoimune problem you run the risk of getting more.


Hello perkywerky76.

I was diagnosed with PBC Dec 2010 and started itching Feb 2010. My legs aren't in the best of condition these days (I am 48) as due to itching at night, there are signs of small brownish scars now. Apparently the itching of PBC can cause skin to become brownish where we itch constantly.

I think the only way one can try to shift cellulite as hard as it can be for one with PBC and fatigue is to exercise and also I know it sounds awful (if one itches) but loofah your thighs in the shower/bath as that gets circulation moving.

Drinking a lot of water can help also. I'm not one for drinking cold drinks in the colder months but boiled water left to start going cold I find is pretty good (with a squeeze of lemon perhaps).

I once posted on here but have yet to try it, have thought that maybe a sauna would be good for us with PBC.

Have you also tried having a bath with some Epsom Salts thrown in (Boots sell them the cheapest I have found. I buy one of the small drums and they make 2 baths), these are supposed to be good for aches and pains in the muscles as an old reliever and they are said to open pores to rid the body of toxins. Worth a try. I've no problems from using.

Hope any of this may be of some help. Keep us posted.


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