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Full blown diahroea with PBC

Is diahroea associated with PBC by any chance? I can lurch from constipation to diahroea within hours. I do however have IBS any help or suggestions would be great thank you. Also check out midwinterdip.co.uk if you live near to Ashby de la zouch, Leicestershire. I am a member of the Ashby Lions, and we are doing a fundraiser on 3rd March 2013, you could fundraise for PBC? All info on site, or call me direct 07535006602 Susan

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I was diagnosed with PBC Jan 2011 and unfortunately I have these symptoms too (I do not have IBS). The diarrhoea is really horrible, it makes me nervous to go anywhere unfamiliar as I need to know exactly where the toilets are in advance because it can happen at any time without warning. I used to enjoy going on coach tours but don't any more because its too inconvenient - one toilet to so many people!!!. Its the same when flying, last summer I managed to pre-book my seats before hand so I was next to the toilets. Because I knew I had a 4 hour flight ahead of me, I hardly eat anything the day before flying, nothing on the morning or on the flight to avoid the need to use the toilet.

When I was first diagnosed and prescribed URSO my consultant told me to take 2 tablets 3 times a day. However, he also mentioned that I may need to cut it down to 1 tablet 3 times a day and build it up gradually over a few weeks as it can cause diarrhoea. Therefore I have put the cause down to being on URSO rather than PBC itself, but I may be wrong.


Hi Susan I had a lot of diaorrhea when I first started on Questran (a medicine for the itch) but it did setttle when I changed to the light formula. I have had diarrohea a few times over the years but when referred to gastroenterologist he felt it was IBS. These days my problem is usually constipation and I often need to take laxative even though I eat porridge and prunes most mornings!


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