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Hi any advice please?

I have asymptomatic PBC and all has been well until recently. Lately (the last 6 months) I have developed a mild niggly pain on my left side just under my ribs which is felt at the front, side and back areas. It comes on after eating. Now today I suddenly became very weak and shaking and felt very hungry although I had only had breakfast 2 hours before. I've eaten sandwiches and the weakness and shakes have resolved. I'm not diabetic or Pre diabetic according to my lasts lot of bloods. Is this a part of PBC progressing or is it something else? I'm feeling worried about todays experience. Any one experience the same sort of thing?

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I suspect it's something else. I have had PBC for mamy years and have never had an issue like that. I have had other issues that I thought were because of PBC but it turned out to be something else. I would definitely make an appointment with my doctor. Please let us know how you are doing.


Palebluesky in reply to 4pjx__

Thankyou for your reply. Im waiting for my liver nurse to contact me.

Palebluesky in reply to 4pjx__

Hi I managed to speak to my GP over the phone today. She kindly offered me some gaviscon which I declined! She reviewed my latest ultra sound scan and said it was fine and I managed to persuade her to do fasting blood glucose tests for me next week. Don't think this is progress somehow? 😊

I sometimes have a bit of pain around my left ribs. I've been told my spleen is working more to make up for the bits my liver is struggling with. I've not had anything like the rest of it though. I hope you're ok.

Palebluesky in reply to hells456

Thankyou. Think I'll have to speak to my GP tomorrow. The pain is fairly mild but constant today but I'm more worried about weakness and shakes this morning really hoping it wasn't an episode of hypoglycemia.

Hope you've had the chance to speak to your doctor by now. I have not had anything like that with PBC.

Hi, I couldn't get through to my GP surgery by phone today so I've done an online consultation and had an email back to say someone will contact me by tomorrow evening. I did speak to my liver nurse and she's going to email my consultant for advice. It's all a very strange system at the moment with regards to appointments etc isn't it?

Pain on the right side under your ribs can be gallstones. I used to get this sproadically and sometimes I felt like passing out through the pain. Shakes and sweats are also symptons. I asked my consultant about it and he said if it last for longer than 24 hours then go to A&E if not just take pain killers.

I started weight watchers in August and have lost 2 and a half stone, I haven't had an episode since July!!

Hi I'm thinking maybe a gallstone somewhere and causing referred pain to my pancreas on the left. It's not an exruciating pain so I can't justify going to A&E. It's a sort of nagging feeling with a few stabbing pains now and then. I'm sure the shaking and weakness was due to low blood sugar even though I had eaten a good breakfast.

I have had similar symptoms, especially the weakness and sweating which is resolved by eating regularly. I also feel really tired after. You don't say how old you are, but these symptoms might be a sign that you are post-menopausal. Might be worth mentioning to the doctor.

Palebluesky in reply to Hoppy71

Hi thanks for your reply. Im almost 55 years old so could still be menopausal but this was different. This feeling yesterday was shaky and weak (no sweats) the same as most people get when they've skipped a meal but 10 times worse. I had eaten my usual weetabix and banana 2.5 hours before but for some reason still felt very hungry. I spoke to my liver nurse today and she doesn't think its anything to do with PBC but she's sending a blood form out to me and suggested I contact my GP. (still waiting for a call back). The pain and discomfort are on left side so could be something to do with the pancreas. Hopefully I'll have some answers to explain it soon, in the meantime I'll have to get used to carrying some jelly babies around with me 😊

Could the pain be somehow related to diverticulitis? I know it causes left side pain, but I'm not sure if it's as you describe.

Palebluesky in reply to Kakey

Hi thanks for your reply. That's a very good answer and one that I have considered. I do have diverticular disease and had a bout of diverticulitis around 2years ago but my diverticulea are on the bottom part of my colon. This pain I have now is under my ribs. Could be that my diverticulea has increased though. Not due for my next colonoscopy for another year and hope it stays that way. It still doesn't account for the hypoglycaemia yesterday if that's what is was. That's what's scaring me at the moment.

Hi, did you have a funny taste/ smell at the back of your throat?

Hi not that I recall. But to be honest I know I was upstairs and I had a shower and vacummed my bedroom but for the life of me I can't remember which way round. It's really weird and scary. Maybe I have become diabetic?

I’m just wandering if it could have been a focal seizure.

Oh what's that? It sounds terrifying.

Nothing to worry about, it’s just with you saying you couldn’t remember what order you did things in. I have something similar I go sleepy afterwards though.

Hi I have pbc and to be honest I do get really shaky and lightheaded at times I never really thought of it being part of the condition , hopefully get some advice

Regards sherrie

Hi I have gotten pain on my right side under my ribs for years. Even before I was diagnosed with PBC. First I was told it was acid reflux. Then I was told it was gallstones so they removed my gallbladder. I still get the pain . Which seems to come if I go a while without eating. I also wake up in the morning with it a lot.I get the sweats and feel like I’m going to throw up. And when it’s really bad I do throw up. My Dr still thinks it’s reflux. But I’m beginning to think it is from gas build up or from eating to fatty foods. Sometimes when I get it I feel weak and light headed too. Sometimes I think we’ll maybe it is from PBC. Good luck and if you find out what it is let me know. I will tell you eating gelusill which is an ant acid and sipping water does help the pain . But you have to take it early on. Sometimes it goes away if I just eat something.

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