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Hi everyone!

I am Mary and would like to share this info. with you all. I am 64 years old and was dianosed with PBC in June of this year 2012. I had been feeling very tired for about a

year and could not understand why I was feeling this way and starting to itch at night.

Anyway one day after coming home from work, did my usual things at home and felt

tired and started getting nausea, so started to go to bed, when suddenly I am bending

over and throwing up alot of black blood, fell across my bed fainting. With the Lord's

hands I somehow made it up and to my car and to the hospital! I was revived and lost

a litter of blood and found out this was a huge ulcer and test were run and found out

I had PBC. I have not yet had the biospy done but the blood test and the ultrasound

surely state PBC. I was put on Ursodiol in June 2012 and I did not notice any change

until around Sept. when suddenly I felt more energy and now some days are differant

than others but overall the ursodiol is helping, I take 1500 mg a day.

Any way my advise to anyone is to, make sure you try to eat the right foods for this can eliminate the pain in your upper right side of the stomach and keep a possitive attitude,

keep busy, and by all means listen to your body, don't over do your activities but at the

same time get as much exercise you can without pain. God bless you all and have a

wonderful supper bowl week end! Louisiana gal.

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Welcome thatgirl, thanks for sharing.

Take care of yourself.


Hi Mary.. your road to a diagnosis was a scary one!!! I hope you never have to experience that again.

Thank you for sharing your story. Look after yourself x


Hi Thatgirl, and welcome. I'm also 64 yrs old. I don't know how you drove yourself to the hospital. You have, had to have had the Lord's help. I pray you never have to go through that again!



Hi there Thatagirl, thank you for posting. Hope you continue to do well, keep us posted. God bless x


Well done you. Look afteryourself.


Hi Thatgirl welcome to the sight thanks for telling us about your experience. That sounds like a very scarey time you had thank God you did make to the hospital if this ever happens to anyone else though would advise ringing 999 or 911 is it in the States? I'm in U.K. Oesophageal varices can be caused by pbc, symptoms of which are vomitting blood or passing blood in stools and when blood is lying in body for while it goes black in colour so word of advice to all if you ever vomit fresh or what looks like very black stuff or pass very black colured stools( often described as tar like) seek medical attention asap as this can be a potentially life threatening problem if not dealt with by a medical doctor.


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