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Do I still need to take urso since I had my gall bladder removed

Hi all, not been on site for a while but have had very busy 7 weeks. Did house move and been in hospital twice.

I had my gall bladder removed 7 weeks ago and 2 weeks ago went back in to have stent removed from bile duct. I am fine except wish I could do without the fatigue. If I walk or do anything strenuous the following day I can't do a thing lol...but we should know our limits.

I wondered if I should still take urso since I no longer have gall bladder, and seem to put on weight with the urso. It's bad enough I have gained 16 LBs due to steroids, and can't ,lose any weight which is very frustrating and is affecting my self esteem.

I also wondered if any one knows what happens when a plastic stent migrates from where it was put to somewhere else in your body. When I went into hospital for an ERCP to remove the stent it has migrated. It is somewhere in my body according to surgeon, I am worried about this and what damage it could potentially do. Any ideas please?

For now I wish you all a very peaceful Christmas filled with all the love of the angels.

xx conniefused.

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Hi,sounds like you have had very hectic few weeks,hope and pray that you make full recovery from your op.I had my gall bladder removed in 2007 and was then diagnosed with Sphincter of Oddi Dysfunction and PBC. I was put on urso and have been on it ever since.I have also had stents put in my bile duct,the first one became dislodged and I was in agony. I don;t have any stents now as have had surgery instead. I'm sure that your stent should be found and removed,maybe you can have scan to search for it.All the best,take care xx



Well the gallbladder just stores bile and it then apparently just drips down into the intestines I think it is.

You will probably need to still take urso as with PBC the damaged and 'missing' bile ducts do inhibit bile flow so taking urso improves the flow and starts working via the stomach where it is broken down to aid digestion of fats.

Basically urso is just adding additional bile to our system.

But you'd have to check with your gastro but I'm sure regardless of having a gallbladder or not you'd still be advised to take urso if you have PBC.



I have had my gall bladder out but I still have to take URSO, from what my consultant told me we have more issues as we still can get stones and blockages they just don't have the gall bladder to get to and the pain can appear like a bad bile attack from the PBC.

Good luck with the weight, I am also on high dose steroids and have put a LOT of weight on.


The stent is not a wild weapon, it will not hurt You, otherwise they should look for it, and take it quickly out, so please, be of good thoughts. It has happened to many patients.

Urso is also changing bad bile acids in better; those acids are produced (or not) in our liver, where the small channels (ducts, which are like a tree) can feel better with this "better" bile acids. I hope it clear so, that the bladder has nothing with these happy happenings :D

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