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ALT anf GGT going back up after several years on Urso anyone?

Hi just had my latest LFT results and my ALT and GGT are elevated and this continues an upward trend over the past year or so. My other enzymes aren't static by any means but they aren't on an upwards trend. The ALT and GGT aren't at any kind of alarming level - nothing like they were before I started Urso, but it's the upward trend that's the problem. Anyone had similar results? I've been on Urso for four years

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Hello I started on urso Dec 2010.

I originally got great results up until May 2011 and then the next lot in Oct 2011 started to increase, yes the ALT and the GGT like yours. By Feb this yr., my results were back to what they were after just 2mths on urso at the start.

I did use milk thistle for about a mth prior to the next repeat bloods in May this yr (I took the normal one urso tablet morning with breakfast, milk thistle at lunch and then the last urso after my evening meal) and the results in the space of 3mths had shot back down to on par and one slightly better with May 2011 which were the best results I had so far on urso.

I had the repeats done Sept and Oct (the nurse missed the LFTs but not the GGT so had to make another trip back for repeats) and there has been a slight increase again. The GP did say that the results are in what is considered a normal range for someone with PBC.

I think myself that with this PBC it could be possible that for some of us, we have variable peaks and dips. I suppose for me until next May comes around it won't be seen as at present there isn't that comparison but I shall certainly ask the GP to possibly show me as I think they have some sort of graph like chart on the computer with our results.

I don't actually get too concerned about the LFTs and either feel a bit deflated on seeing them or really 'chuffed' and then just file the results away and get on, try and look after myself even better over the following mths and then take it from there.

The one thing I have noticed is that it seems odd that when the repeats are about to be done, you can feel absolutely fantastic as I did Sept and Oct and get a result that isn't as good as you wanted and then the next time you feel pretty whacked and feel you're not doing so good, you get pretty good results back! It just doesn't add up but then again I am finding that this PBC lark is rather bizarre in itself anyway. I find this itch the most bizarre, just does not add up at all for me even tho' I only tend to be plagued with it from later at night when I am and then the following morning, get up as if everything is 100% normal!


PS I forgot to add in, I did stop taking the milk thistle after the May repeat but in the last couple of wks I have restarted again so will have to see in the New Yr when I have repeats done again.


I think that with PBC, levels peak and dip over a period of time. Mine have been doing this since diagnosis in 1994. I'm still here, still active , still enjoying life and time with my grandchildren about whom I am deeply passionate! It is differnet for everyone but Urso is the only medication I have had. I would not be able to rely on alternative type stuff as it has not been tried and tested.


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