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There are so many interesting / important questions aqnd topics around here, it is saddening that there are no answers for all of them from a medical perspective, but there are things that one can know - accurate, compnehensible information and very good counselling and support - by the PBC Foundation that is, who has opened this HEalthUnlocked forum on PBC.

I have seen that quite a few people on this blog do not know about this foundation nor have addressed it. They have been helping PBC patients for 16 years now, they do know what they say about this condition and - highly important - about SELF MANAGEMENT AND LIFE WITH PBC.

Do contact them - pbcfoundation.org,uk

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and The Compendium is a really brilliant and user friendly, plain English publication which is like a bible of things you need to know!


Indeed. To put it frankly, if we had known the PBC Foundation and all the information and help othey provide whi8lst my mother was still alive, it would have helped tremendously with her PBC situation, self-management, state of mind.


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