Fundraising for the PBC Foundation

Hi everyone,

Hope you dont think I am being cheeky, and I do appreciate times are hard for everyone with the current recession.............but one of my friends and work colleagues has set himself a mammoth target to raise £3000 for the PBC Foundation next year (2013).

He is going to climb the three peaks AND cycle between them, all in 4 days...............yes he is officially mad!

If you want to support his fundraising efforts then please click on the link below. On there we have both links to our own personal blogs as well..............just in case you are bored :-)

Thanks for taking the time to read this and please feel free to forward the link to anyone you think may be interested.


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  • wow that is a great feat.... as you say it is a difficult time to fundraise... I am in the middle of a big fundraiser for the foundation too and it seems that every time 'charity ' is mentioned, people do a runner :)

    I hope he meets his goal...


  • Thanks for your encouraging words, I dont think it helps that a lot of people dont know about PBC anyway. I guess till we get a big name celebrity with it who is prepared to champion the cause we will always remain in the shadows of some other charities.

    Good luck with your fundraising too :-)

  • Hi busy lady well done your colleague!!

    I have just been through a mountain of red tape in work to do a dress down day

    ! Got confirmation to say it vM go ahead in November

    :) so have to gear up myself for that day now hope it raises awareness also good luck to you

    Love Karen


  • Hi busylady

    I don't like giving money through fundraising websites. I'd rather your colleague got the whole of my contribution. Would you be prepared to give me an addressee name and an address I can send a cheque to?


  • Hi

    First of all THANK YOU so much. I totally understand your concern re the website donation and security etc my sister feels the same :-)

    As a "work around" I wonder if you would you be happy to take my personal address etc, and make the cheque out to me, and I will put it on for you. Just so you dont think I am blagging money from you, and if you think you want to do this, you can reply here ( or personal message me) with your name and the message you would like me to put on the just giving site, and then I will donate it online for you from my account. Then you can see it has gone on. Once thats done you could post me the cheque, would that be OK?

  • Hi

    Please be careful when cheque are made out to you, they are best to address them to the PBC Foundation,

    You could always put this up on the PBC Facebook site or send them an email and they will put this up for you.

    Good Luck

    I really hope he makes his target.


  • Hi busylady

    Shall I send you a cheque made payable to the PBC Foundation? Or shall I send a cheque to the PBC Foundation saying what it's for?


  • Thank you so much Pat for donating, my friend has started his training cycling to work (25 miles each way) already :-) He makes me tired just listening to him!

    If you make it payable to the PBC foundation and like you say send it to them with a note saying what its for. If you dont mind e mailing me the amount and a message I can ask Rob to put it on his just giving page ( he thinks there is a section he can set up on there for off line donations)

    I think if you click on the messages tab at the top of this page then you can select to e mail a person privately.

    I will try and e mail you now then I think you can just click reply.

    Many thanks, we know its for a good cause


  • OK - Good advice probably

    They could be posted straight to PBC Found office then I guess?

    Will PM Robert and take his advice - I am not sure if there is a section on Robs Just giving site for off line donations, but will suss it out



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