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We are delighted to announce that we are hosting a series of 2-hour webinars on different aspects of living with PBC. The webinars are free to join. They will have a huge amount of information in them, including self-management tools and techniques, latest research information, etc.

We would recommend taking part, making sure you have a notebook set aside purely for these workshops and bring a range of coloured pens, a ruler, etc to make the most of the events.

Here are the dates, subjects and links to register:

Tue 7th March: 3pm GMT:

PBC: a general overview


Sun 12th March: 4pm GMT:

An introduction to self-management


Tue 14th March: 3pm GMT:

The Wheel of Life (self-awareness, quality of life, individual goals)


Fri 17th March: 3pm GMT:

Relaxation Techniques


Tue 21st March: 3pm GMT:

PBC: Your Questions Answered


Tue 28th March 3pm BST

Emotional Self-Management


Fri 31st March 3pm BST:

Psychological Self-Management


Tue 4th April 3pm BST

Physical Self-Management


Sat 8th April 5pm BST:

Patient Involvement in the World of PBC


Tue 11th April 3pm BST:



More info will be available soon, we promise.


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  • Are these webinars available to view at any time ? I'll be out of town for several of them and want to be able to see them all. This is such a wonderful idea!!! I'm excited to watch them :)

  • With the time zone I won't be able to see most of them but it would be great if these videos could be saved in a folder on the foundation site. :)

  • As live events, they will be as interactive as possible with us responding to as many questions as possible.

    We tried to make them as internationally accessible as we could.

    Each webinar will be recorded and posted on our site where you will be able to watch but not interact directly.

  • That's great, have signed up to them all.

    Good that they will be posted on the site afterwards.

    Knowledge is power, thanks PBC Foundation.

  • PBCRobert Sorry I live in South Africa, would have liked to partake

  • Rockie there is no reason why you can't join us from South Africa. You should still be able to register and join us on the day.

    The plan is for these to be internationally available, hence the timings. (We are trying an early Sunday morning webinar for our antipodean friends)

    If there are any technical issues, message me directly.


  • PBC Robert Thank you for your reply. Will see what I can do. My computer knowledge is very limited.

  • Click on the link above then you should be able to register.

    Anyone else having any issues with the technology?

  • Well, we had the first one yesterday. As well as Europe, we had participants in USA, Canada and (I think but not sure I hav right country in Central America) Equador.

    Looking forward to the nex one on Sunday, which will be 4pm (NOT 10 a.m.) UK time.

  • PLEASE NOTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    THe webinar on Sunday 12th March has been changed to 4pm UK time.

    Please can you share this information?

    As an aside, the first one went really well. If you missed it, there will be opportunity to see an edited recording. However, the very crux of these workshops is to improve self-management, to improve quality of life, to improve how you life with PBC eevry single day. We have 9 webinars left. I ask you to join us. THe people here, active in this community, include some of the people who would benefit most from taking part.

  • Hello, unfortunately I missed the first webinar and would very much like to see it. You mentioned that there will be an edited version available to view online. Please could you post the link here so that those of us who missed the first one can watch the video? Or is there going to be a page on this website where you will embed them? Many thanks

  • I am soooooo not the tech person, so I don't know yet how it is being done, but I do know we are working on it. I'll come back with an answer as soon as I can...


  • Thank you very much

  • 2nd webinar happening very very soon!!

  • Hi I didn't know their were webinars to watch.

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