PBC/AIH overlap

I saw my consultant today he said that my blood results suggest an overlap of PBC/AIH but he had taken more today and depending on the results I may have to have a liver biopsy, which I'm not looking forward to. Does anyone know which blood result would signify AIH?

Just as a footnote he asked if I had joined the PBC foundation when I replied I had he said they are very good they keep me on my toes! Nice to know that consultants recommend this site!

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  • Hello lizagood1.

    On the British Liver Trust website there are publications you can download and there is one on AIH. I'll pop the link on for the Publications page, just click on the picture for the relevant leaflet. AIH is described on page 7 of this. From a brief read (I only have PBC) I might be wrong but I think AIH is something to do with the lymphocytes count (that is in the FBC - full blood count) as it mentions this.


  • Thank you again Peridot, as always very helpful. 😄

  • Hi

    I to have been having further tests for overlap PBC/AIH. I had my liver biopsy yesterday and hopefully get some results in the next couple of weeks.

    Hope everything goes ok for you


  • Hi Jayne

    Thanks for your reply. What was the biopsy like and are you in the U.K. ? I'm being treated at the John Radcliffe in Oxford

  • Hi

    The biopsy wasn't as bad as I thought the worse thing is the local anaesthetic but it was numb very quick.

    I am in the U.K. and am being treated at the Royal Stoke Hospital.

    Do you have any stomach ache at all


  • I have tenderness in my stomach rather than an ache. The area where my liver is painful now and then. When I eat sometimes I get pain at the very top of my stomach.

  • Thanks for your reply

    I have constant stomach ache but have had it now for months

    Hope everything goes well for you


  • Thanks for your help, hope everything goes well for you too.

  • Hi lizagood, I have both , I had a liver biopsy after PBC diagnosis and the results showed AIH also .

    Worst symptom I have is the fatigue I can deal with the pain and the itch is a lot better than it was.

    The fatigue is awful I want to do things but can never complete them frustrating.

    I hope things work out in your favour

    Best of luck


  • Hi Marysla

    Thank your your reply, did your fatigue get worse over time? I feel lethargic more than full on fatigue, I was always getting stuff done around the house now it's like I can't be bothered or just don't have the get up and go anymore. I feel like it's test after test and Friday I convinced myself they would say it's fine we will just monitor you every 3 months or something and then he said more tests. And then with the results he has a low threshold for a biopsy so that seems likely. Sorry to go on but this site is the only place anyone understands.

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