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HELP PLEASE got my ESA tribunal tomorrow.


Was cancelled 4 months ago now have date for tomorrow. Having to go alone have no one to go with me. I am very worried and am sure i will not get it just don't know what to do, I have had help from CAB but the are not able to come with me. PLEASE HELP ME.

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Hi MacR

I feel for you, it's really unfortunate that you have to go alone, these things can be very daunting.

I have no real advice for you but just wanted to give my support, keep positive you are not alone, many of us on here have been through it or something similar, good luck and hope it goes your way.


Good luck for tomorrow ,even if its a neighbour ,friend or family member try and take someone with you. Neata

Thanks for your support unfortunately i do not have anyone to go with me. Any advise on how to win would be of great help then I can concentrate on my health rather than having to go before tribunals and proving that due to medical conditions I cannot work and that it is not a lifestyle choice.

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Hang in there macR.

I have no experience of claiming or tribunals for these things but I would like to say that if the outcomes isn't as you want it to be, keep on going. Don't give up if you feel you need that help.

I'm sure there are others on this site, in fact certain I've read others' experiences on these tribunals and how they've not managed to be successful at the start but have pressed on.

Please keep us all informed as between us we can all gain the input and you never know, some like me might need it in the future.

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Thanks, did'nt answer today will have to wait for them to decide my ATOS was nearly 2 years ago and things have changed for the worse healthwise since then. Will let you know as soon as i hear good or bad!!!!

Hi macR,

I've just read an answer from DTEES to another question - and mentions she has been successful in her claim/appeal. Try sending her a personal message and hopefully she will be able to offer you help. You can find her in the directory on the top of the page, click on the name and under the photo you 'll find the link to sending her a direct message.

I have not applied for ESA or had any experience of anything like this. The only personal advise I can offer as you are going on your own and you are bound to be nervous on the day, is before you go write down and throughout the day as you remember... as much information as possible about your symptoms and how it affects your life from day to day.

Good luck and best wishes.

hi macR, Ive got my ESA tribunal in the morning and feeling rather nervous now. My daughter would usually go with me but unfortunately she cant get the time off work. On the plus side i do have a lady from advocacy representing me. Ive made a few notes on the important things they need to know about PBC and how it affects me on a daily basis. I have already sent information about it but wanted to be sure that they get the full facts. I have to keep telling myself to be calm (easier said than done in my case lol). If theres anything you need to mention tomorrow write it down now so you dont forget. Good luck for tomorrow and hope it goes your way.

macR in reply to Missboro

How did you get on today?

Good luck to you too. I got good news my daughter has been able to change her appointment and so is able to come with me, feel bit better now although still worried and don't believe it will be good news! THANKS EVERYONE FOR YOUR SUPPORT AND REPLYING TO ME.

Just stopping by to wish you good luck for tomorrow as well. :)

macR in reply to littledragon23

Thanks, so much appreciated

good luck i passed mine today luckily anoth

macR in reply to leon92uk

I did'nt get answer today they going to let me know! My ATOS was nearly 2 years ago in Sept so obviously i have got worse and now have other things wrong so they had to have a think!!! They did say if it is a no i should reapply and they will recommend that i do not loose any money because it has been so long. It was difficult answering questions on how i was then and how i felt which is why he said to reapply asap if it is a no.

I had my ESA tribunal but unfortunately got turned down by them not giving me any points at all. When i failed my medical in september last year, with no points i got a letter to say i had to claim job seekers allowance which i did and am still claiming. I was told to do this until my hearing today. While waiting on the results today the lady who represented me said if i get turned down i should apply for ESA which is what i should of been claiming now and not job seekers allowance. She told me that ive been mislead about what i should be claiming when i failed the medical. Now ive been told to sign off JSA, get a sicknote from my GP and apply for ESA and PIP. Before i got took off the ESA last year i applied for DLA but got turned down, i sent all the information required to ask them to review my claim but was still turned down, i didnt appeal as i couldnt cope with all the stress. Im so confused about it all as i thought ESA was only paid to people who passed their medical. Tomorrow im contacting CAB to see were i stand. If anyone has any advice it would be much appreciated.

Hazeleyes all i can say is that it is a minefield! I got 6 points at my ATOS medical and had my DLA and should have had my ESA tribunal in Feb but they only did DLA which was turned down. Still waiting my ESA tribunal answer which i can honestly say i am expecting it to be NO. I am going to reapply because i had my ATOS nearly 2 yrs ago and i now have other health issues i also have got worse over this time. I found CAB very good and a great help, they deal with these issues all the time. Hope they will explain more to you and give you all the help you obviously need. Good luck.

Hi I've my tribunal appeal on 18th Dec and my advice worker is coming with me,you should try to get someone to go with you at I've been told it's a big help,good luck anyway and I really hope it goes well for you.

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