esa tribuneral

i have been told my tribuneral date wont be till aug iwent my med sep only scored 6 points for my leg nothinging for all meds on or the fact i have very bad ibs and some times have no controll over my bowels plus i dont like been around people and very rareley go out and had dwp ringing me up a man this was askinging me how many pads i went thro a day which upset me very much i am so worried it makes me sick

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  • Milley,

    Careful about answering any personal questions on the phone. Make sure you know who you're talking to.

    Best of luck to you

  • Milly, thats a shame, how horrible, are you going to the tribrunial yourself or do you have a social/welfare worker to support you?

  • hi thank you for your reply no cab hopefully going with me if i get that far if not will just put new claim in my doctor says no work and he is doctor after all not just practice nurse at my medical

  • Good for you milley, always remember you are unwell and certainly unfit for work YOU are entitled to this benefit :)

  • hi catherine i thank you for your comments what i did not tell you is that at the beggining sep i will be sixty my doctor wrote letter for me and dwp reply to his letter was the doctor is only going on what the patient tells him so all the meds i am on are only make belivie because they say so and really what they are saying is im a liar and my doctor gives me tablets for my make belive smyptoms

  • They make you so mad and frustrated dont they. :-(

  • hi been my tribuneral today 6 points to 30 with no review for 24 months what ever that means by then i will be 2 months of my pension

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