Does anyone suffer with profuse sweating?

I thought at age 48 it could be onset of menopause, but there are no hot flashes, just extreme sweating with the slightest of movement....I was soak wet through with sweat at 3am this morning, and trying to clean my oven, which had not been done since my stay in hospital (march) was horrendous.....

Is it just being un- well that causes this or do many of us suffer with it?


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  • hi conniefused, i am 61 and i get what they call drenching night sweats,it,s so horrible and happen,s a couple of time,s a week, am always washing bedclothes...i had a lot of blood test,s and the only thing that showed up was that im still menopausel and my doc has changed my hrt, but have only started them this week so dont really know if that is the cause, im ok in the daytime it,s just at have to go with it for 2 mths and if no better doc say,s she will look at other stuff, so i will keep you informed as to what happen,s ok ? i thought it may be my medication as i take, urso,s and metformin for my diabetes,and im asthmatic too ( what joy it all is ) :( but have been taking all that for 6yrs and until 2yrs ago i was fine with it....... i have not seen anyone else apart from yourself with this problem but maybe some have it too...... take care , sue :))

  • lol we have so much in GP has perscribed me HRT patches, but was late picking up from surgery so have to wait til morning to get going to give them a go. I used to take HRT tablets, and stopped because needed to lose weight, I had hysterectomy 17 years ago, and I also suffer from asthma.

    It's awful having to change bed linnen every time you wake up like this. I wouldnt mind, but I spent lots of money on egyptian cotton bed linnen and did away with the duvet..but it is still bad some nights.

    I still don't understand my AIH/PBC properly as was diagnosed April sure that there will be loads more things come to the surface as I learn to live with them.

    I take urso and am due to commence Azathioprine soon, am currently reducing steroid dose...was on 60mg now on 10mg...yes please do keep me informed about progress....I also wonder if these sweats are why my consultant has written to my Gp about a "short Synacthen test"..I have looked this up and it is done to check for addisons disease..I hope it's not this as I already have enough and would not want to be greedy lol......will also keep you informed at progress....I am just waiting on test after test..but I need to know what is wrong so it can be put right.....

    Thank you for your reply


  • Hi, i too suffer with Sweats, nights (too tired to change sheets, so awful in morning), these happen during the day, have to go outside to cool off. Doc did hormone tes came back normal, had hysterectomy some 20yrs ago been through menopause, saw consultant for pbc Monday, reffered me to a consultant endocrinologist (hormone), apparentley other auto immune diseases, have these symtoms. Its so embarassing, makes my make up run!

  • Hi jenny....yeah so embarrassing to have to change sheets every day. I think my bed pongs as well...hubby says not...but us women know lol....I agree that some other autoimmune disorders have these symptoms..addisons disease for starters.

    I no longer wear make's pointless..just runs down my skin is benefiting though......I get washed or showered every day..depends on what energy I have, and still the sweats keep on. and it's not just when it's hot either. Also noticed that any slight movement and sweat proffusely...this is not normal for me at all was so fit before diagnosis in April......

    Thanks for your reply


  • I have had dreadful sweats especially at night I am 60 this is before I knew Ihave PBC

  • I have gone back on my HRT 100mg everel patches, but I am still having the night sweats, some nights I just sleep under a cotton sheet in a cotton t shirt. when I wake up in the morning I am soaked and my hair is plastered all over my head. I wake at other times in the night as well and have to change my pillows and some time the sheets, my bed stinks as I have ruined it ( well I think it does ) I cant have a shower everyday as we don't have a cubical just an over the bath and some days I haven't the energy or am that racked with pain to get in it, beside that every time I have a shower my skin dry's up and itches to death, sorry for going on but felt like a moan.

  • Hi linda, am going down to chemist to pick up HRT patches..they gave me everel 50 patches....I will give them a try for a couple of months and if it does not help then I will deffo be asking for a second opinion regarding my health. My hair also is plastered on my face, and I can't wear makeup any more because it just melts. My sweats seem to be mainly around my chest and neck areas, up to my head and hair..legs always ok...groin sometimes. It is very unpleasant and embarrassing as hell. I also think my bed is ruined..hubby says not, but I just know it is....

    I have no duvet, just cotton sheets and one of those quilted throws and most nights I sleep above the sheets with windows wide open...and still wake soaking wet through. I also have shower over bath so like you I can't always get in. It depends on how much energy I have or how much pain I am in.

    Moisturize after every shower, wash etc..thats what I do just simple aquious cream does the can also be used instead of soap..but be careful and make sure you clean bath afterwards so no accidents. My hands are very dry and flaky today, but I did clean an oven yesterday..wore gloves, but still dry and flaky.....

    I would ask to be checked for addisons disease...sweats are a feature of that lovely little problem...we have autoimmune diseases and where theres one there could be two or more. Me for example: Hashimotos disease, AIH and PBC......consultant has said she will be checking for addisons when I go in the next couple of weeks, will keep you informed.

    take care


  • I do rub creams into my skin and baby oil but nothing seems to work mind you I have also lost a lot of weight and still loosing it, this morning count now says I have lost 7stone 6 lb so I am all wrinked as well, I was 15 stone and on top of that I have stopped smoking.

  • Hi, I also get night sweats and have to change night clothes every day. I am 64 and surely it's not the menopause. I was taken off the patches 4 years ago which helped but the GP won't give them to me. My kidneys are OK. I only wear cotton clothing all year round.

    Take care.


  • My GP was the same untill I got one consultant to say they would improve my quality of life ( They didn't )

  • Hi ladies, I suffer terrible sweating I'm 60 years old and I was put on HRT in the 1990's can't remember exact year, Dr said I was pre-menopausal, then when I was 50 I was diagnosed with breast cancer, I was told to come off the HRT because the cancer was feeding off the oestrogen, Sweating started with a vengeance, in 1996 I was diagnosed with sarcoidosis, which is an autoimmune disease, then in Jan 2010 I was diagnosed with PBC, I have terrible sweating you can wring my nightdress out sometimes and I can see the sweat trickling down my body, I too have my hair plastered to my scalp of a morning and need to shower every day, can't go to work smelly, sometimes have more than one shower a day! When I mention the sweating to my consultant he just looks at me as if I had two heads, every time I go I tell him the same thing, when he asks how I am, i say fatigued and sweaty! I despair, don't know what I can do.....

  • no sweating, thank God. It sounds awful. I'm 62 and post menapausal. Hope this isn't another symptom to look forward to.

  • Hi

    I'm 41 had a hysterectomy at age 24 and have been on HRT ever since.

    Was diagnosed with PBC over 2 years ago and before that I was always the one that felt the cold. Now I sweat all the time even when cold day or night and the worst is when I eat.

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