Does anyone suffer with neck pain?

Does anybody suffer with neck pain? I have been diagnosed with PBC for a couple of years and apart from a very dry mouth haven't suffered with much at all. Recently I have experienced sharp neck pains and a clunking feel, the doctor has refered me to a physiotherapist but its getting worse!! I just wondered if it had anything to do with the pbc?

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  • I have a lot of neck pain which comes and goes I was diagnosed about 7 months ago, I do have dry mouth, occaisonal itch, fatique and lots of joint pain including in the neck.

  • Ive had neck pain for about 4years. Ive now got a collapsing disc. I have physio for it which along with daily exercises i was given - this helps alot.

  • I was diagnosed with PBC about 5yrs ago and I get a lot of pain especially in my neck. Over last few weeks I've developed lumps there - some are sore to the touch others aren't. I've also just started having nose bleeds - something I never had in my life. My GP has arranged an appointment with my Rheumatologist on 21st inst so hoping to get some answers then. I also have another Endoscopy on 11th inst so maybe somewhere along the line I'll get answers to these problems. Had three Endoscopies last year, an MRI, a CT, and numerous liver scans as one of my bile ducts is blocked. Has anyone else experienced the lumps and the nose-bleeds? Any info would be appreciated. :-)

  • Hi Maggs, I also experience nose bleeds along with the neck pain. I'm due to see my consultant in a couple of weeks so will see if I can get some answers, keep in touch :-)

  • Hiya Roseter, yes, we can compare notes on their answers. I'm going on 21st for that. I will indeed keep in touch. :-)

  • I had some nose bleeds during my last pregnancy (nearly 7yrs ago) and it was because by blood was not clotting properly. A simple blood test can rule out/confirm if that is what is happening you. Or it could possibly be something as simple as the blood vessels in the nose being under bit of increased pressure (i.e. higher than normal blood pressure) and as your in pain with your neck this can actually cause an increase in your blood pressure. Keep a record of when you have the nose bleeds and note down how you were feeling/what you were doing before the nose bleed to show to dr. If the nose bleed not stopping or going on for long time seek medical attention asap.

  • Thanx Littlemo. I actually have low bp but not too low. It could be from the Scleroderma. I can feel the skin tightening @ night (mainly) so my Raynauds + Scleroderma Nurse said that as the skin tightens it could be causing pressure on blood vessels in my nose. I've written down all the dates of the nose bleeds. My GP + Scleroderma Nurse were quick to get me a referral to my Consultant Rheumatologist for 21st inst. So hopefully I'll have more answers wjen I see here. My GP always gets me to have blood tests done a few days prior to my appt and then I collect the results and take them to the CR. I've another Endoscopy on 11th inst as they're still investigating a blocked bile duct. My CR is brilliant as are my other Consultants, my GP and my Raynauds + Scleroderma Nurse. I'm blessed to have a lot of medical support. I just have so many illnesses its hard for any of them to pinpoint exactly where new symptoms come from. But I'll keep you posted, for sure, Littlemo. Thanx again. :-)

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