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How many of you had Dr's push aside your medical problems, and not accept you had liver disease?

I think I've had the worst medical care in the world from my primary care Dr. I have a biopsy showing liver disease, my LFT's have been abnormal for almost two months now. He still says there is nothing wrong with me???? Of course I'm seeing a liver Dr, but every time I go to my primary for blood work, he insists I don't need it?

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Hi amandarosas

This is a really tough one! Surely if your liver Dr says you have liver disease your primary care Dr cannot deny this. He/she will have received reports from your liver Dr.

My bloods are always done at the hospital so I have not experienced the refusal by my GP to do my bloods. If you have more than one Dr in your primary care practice I would suggest you transfer your care to one of the other Dr's. And have a word with your consultant maybe he/she can write to your primary care practice.

Whatever you decide to do, don't give up, your health is paramount here! I am sure it will all work out in the end. All the best



I think I would change doctors if I was you.


I had a PC Dr. like this, my pain clinic Dr. actually sent me to him 2 or 3 times, for the high elevations of my liver panel. He kept ignoring it. I was under a PPO, and had to be referred to a Specialists. Finally I had a burning pain in my breast bone area, blood in the stool, and had had previously blood in the urine. My ALP was 500, so he finally sent me to a Gastro Dr. and quess what I was finally diagnosed. He put me on the meds, and changed me from Prevasid (MS) to Nexium, for I also had erosions in my esophagus. He also wanted me to go to Emory, in Atlanta for evaluation for a transplant. I have great PC now!


Wow 500? Thats high. Mind keeps staying at 100, but my GT is 180 now which is WAY higher than normal. My AST and ALT is up and down.


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