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LLoyd George + problem, NEC depression

Has anyone anyone else had these diagnoses on their records.

Lloyd George + problem is when your GP records overflow the brown folder. Hypochondriac comes to mind, but I suppose a patient with undiagnosed PBC visits the surgery often with the various associated problems. But if the doctors were more on the ball perhaps this would not happen

NEC depression is Not Elsewhere Classified. Not sure what this means but feel it is because I had associated depression with the PBC.

These are off the cuff statements by the medical profession that are misguided and misleading, despite being downright rude.

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I find those terms quite disgusting


Not those terms, however once when I went to see an endocrinologist to treat my hypothyroidism, he wrote in my records "Patient is out of touch with reality". This was after I told him I had just lost 120 pounds and wanted to loose another 40. Now mind you, at the time I was 165 and 5"2' (charts say I should be no more than 125-130 pounds).

I was devistated by this, that he wrote it in my records. It would not have upset me as much if he would have just said it to me, but to put it in my records - forever. I was so bottered that I lost faith in myself and fell off my diet..... with in 7 months had gain back 130 pounds.

Now 13 years later and much wiser when it comes to what doctor think and know I would NEVER let any doctor affect me that way again.

Have you been dx with PBC?


yes kosy2, pbc was diagnoised in 2008, Ive never seen my medical records, I dread to think what the docs have written!!! :)


I have had a copy or my medical recors and now I am very careful what I say to my GP ( who i thought was my friend as I had been with him that long ) and also am going to put the consultant right on a few things next time I see him. They should get a job on a newspaper.


Maybe if we let them know that we would be getting a copy of the records they would be a bit more careful about what they said on record. Ya think??


I,ve been trying 4 years to get my med. records and had every excuse under the sun to refuse, needing private health info. I decided to change my med. surgery and ask the new gp for my records, the time limit is 40 days - I got them in 42 days and guess what !! the Lloyd George + tag was there -- more than once,


When I questioned the Lloyd George + label, I was told not to be silly and that this was just an indication of the large size of medical records. Nothing like a hyperchondriac who has a large size of medical records.

Moved and changed GP centre and none seems to have any idea either. Asked about my Raynauds and he is referring me to hepatoligist because it is due to PBC.


Hi Mary,

Yes, I always thought that the old brown envelopes that housed all our medical records, were referred to as LLoyd George envelopes, named after David LLoyd George (National Insurance ACT).

It didn't take much for them to be overflowing.... mine were bulging sadly!

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Yes I do have... has LLoyd George Syndrome !!! on my GP records.

7 years of examinations, physiotherapy, 3 weeks of neck traction, EMG, Nerve Conduction Studies, MRI, physical single action Manual Muscle Testing.... and my prior waist down paralytic polio in 1952 did not come into the equation till Nov 1995 when I said 'could my prior polio have anything to do with this?'

Oh.. there is something called the Late Effects of Polio, but I know nothing about it but will send you to see a Neurologist like I did the patient I had saying the same as you a year ago.

poliosurvivorsnetwork.org.uk now 21 years old.


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