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A different day a different concern or wuestion

Hi everyone,

I have had a few mild days since my last post and ,unfortunely, a few bad days.

Before my diagnosis of PBC I wad beginning to get quite severe cramping in my calves and in my hands and forearms. Thankfully that went away, until recently, and now is back in my calves with a vengeance ! Anyone else experience this type of cramping? I am also really struggling with my food intake. I am considering reolacement meal shakes to see if that helps. I have finally gotten in with our hospitals pain clinic hoping for relief from the chronic pain of my fibromyalgia, DDD and RA.

My one last comment or question is how common is the hepatitis with OBC?

Hope you are all having more good days than bad. I am very thankful for this site. I have received such positive help and genuine care and concern ....it has helped me so much more than I imagined

Thank you all!


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Question*....lol....it's pretty early here ....sorry for the typo!


Potassium is essential for the proper functioning of the heart, kidneys, muscles, nerves, and digestive system.

When I would have calf cramps and take potassium supplement the cramps went away.

Have your potassium levels checked.


Thank you kosy2......it is just that this disease has me so nervous about taking any medications. I was given pottasium prescription when the cramping began but was taken off of it when the cramping went away ....now they are back with a vengeance.


As soon as I start with the leg cramps I KNOW my potassium is low so I take the prescription. Our body's NEED it. The cramping is their way of screeming for it. Take the potassium and you will shut up the cramping.

I just had this potassium talk with my husband. He is a mailman and now that the weather has turned HOT I had to remind him to take his potassium or he could get himself into trouble with low potassium.

Having trouble with eating is why you are low in potassium and if you are unable to get it in you food you will need to supplement.

One more note - not sure you would consider potassium a medication even though it is a prescription.


Hi I suffered really badly with cramps and the dr gave me quinine. Worked really well virtually no cramps at all now.


Yes i take tonic water which has quinine in it. Don't need much at all.


I’ve been on Ursofalk since 2001 lately couldn’t stand it’s side affects. My fibromyalgia was diagnosed 4 before my liver condition, what I find useful for those cramps is crampeze whatcha mainly contain calcium not sur if I shouldn’t but I know one thing I don’t want anymore pain added if I can help prevent it in the first place. Good luck with your control over pain but make sure you ask the doctors before doing anything that could add more damage than good.


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