Some new crappy symptoms

Hi friends....a few days ago I started having some new, and pretty severe, symptoms at 5am. How weird is THAT? So for the past few days, at around 5am, I am awakened with severed pressure in my upper back between my shoulder blades, terrible nausea, and pain that radiates through my rib cage, on the right side. This comes in waves for about an hour, and was so bad this morning I finally had to take something for it...I had tried tums for an hour. 

Any thoughts? It almost felt like a gallbladder flare, but my gallbladder was removed in January, so unless it is growing back (kidding) I have no idea what this is, and why it is hitting at the same time every morning.

Thanks for any ideas you might have. I was truly one painful wave away from puking...

Okay, that's enough graphic detail for a Tuesday.

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  • If you have a good and knowledgeable doctor it sounds like a visit to him/her is needed.

    I have not experienced anything like this but I hope someone here can be helpful.

    It is great though that your sense of humour shines through. :-)

    hope you soon have this sorted.

  • God. I have no idea what that is but I hope it gets better. Maybe this is one to make an appointment with your gp? 

  • Hi Jenny,

    So sorry about this, but I do agree with Butterfly that a quick trip to the GP would not hurt. 

    This reaction may not be anything to do with your liver, but you need to get it checked, if only to rule out other things.  I had something similar, but milder, 2 years ago, and it turned out to be the relatively harmless and surprisingly common (well, common, seeing as neither I or anyone I know had ever heard of it!) costochondritis - which is an  inflammation of the cartilage of the ribcage.  However,  though this was high on my GP's 'suspicion list'  he did also check liver, lungs, heart (by the time I got to him I was also having pains on left!). 

    They don't know why ordinary Cc happens, but as I had a couple of later bouts - also when stressed - I think that was maybe the trigger.   But my GP obviously had his own  tick list, so it's worth having a quick check-up, just to know you are okay, and all has been covered

    Take care, Gritty xx

  • I have similar attacks regularly that usually end up in ER to get pain meds fluids and nausea meds for.  My GI did just inform me that you can grow back your gallbladder.  I was shocked and did not believe him but I googled it and it is rare but does happen.  There is also a condition called sphincter of oddi which can happen after gallbladders are removed.  The shincter on the bile ducts spasm causing gallbladder type pain.  It is worth a call to the Dr. to check out what is going on.

  • Pain that severe warrants a call to the doctor, describe the pain to nurse & you should be seen fairly quickly. All the best!

  • Hi Jenny,

    Just to second what everyone has said above - go and see a doctor - ASAP.  May be nothing but you need a medical check.

  • Thank you, friends...I emailed him yesterday, so hopefully he will get back to me asap. He is great about responding promptly. GrittyReads..I do have chostachondritis, but this is totally different. I will let you all know what I hear. I just want a boring addition to EVERYTHING else, I just found out that I may have lyme disease...they are doing extensive testing to see if that is indeed the meantime, these new symptoms are taking my mind off of lyme!

  • I would definitely get it checked out...please let us know what is it. I hope it doesn't last long for you! sounds awful

  • I have had those symptoms as well before. Did you eat anything particularly fatty or hard to digest? Corn,nuts,onions, peppers, etc.? I sometimes get this and I have also had my gallbladder removed. My doctor told me that because of this disease and lack of gallbladder we do not produce enough of the really strong bile that helps breakdown our food. Especially if it is something fatty, or hard to digest. Before that they did an internal sonogram to make sure I didn't have any stones stuck in any of my bile ducts. That can happen as well, even though you do not have a gallbladder you can still get stones. This can create pain and what can fell like a gallbladder attack. He also told me that you can just have plain phantom gallbladder pain. Just as people have phantom limb, because basically you know that it is not there but your body doesn't. If it continues I would definitely talk to your Hepatologist,PCP, or Gastroenterologist. I hope this helps, and believe me...I FEEL YOUR PAIN! Good luck 

  • Agree with you cstar1079, had the same problem ans still happens if I had something that my liver doesnt like much. Try changing your diet a little bit. Good luck. 

  • Lots of good advice.  That's actually how I was diagnosed.  I'd had my gallbladder removed. Had "attacks", my bones hurt,  fatigue, hives...once I cleaned my diet up I no longer have the attacks.  Good luck! 

  • Sounds a bit like stones, very painful but relatively easy to deal with, Says I and not a doctor. your doctor needs to investigate. Good luck 

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