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Help and advice needed regarding my ESA tribunal

last October I failed my ESA medical, I unfortunately never prepared myself for it and recieved 0 points, I put in my appeal and have just recieved my tribunal date for 10th May(was intially told it would be in August). Has anyone had their tribunal yet and if so what advice could you give me?.........thanking you in advance :) x

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Sorry I cant help. I have been on ESA for a couple of years now but was awarded it after the medical. Have just had to fill my renewal form in and send it of so am waiting to hear if I will be called for another one or just awarded it again like last year. Might be there soon though with trying to claim the DLA.

Good luck. :-)


check out the ESA website - found it by googling ESA and work from a day you feel at your worst not an average ood day - good luck


Hi I got my ESA on the back of the medical but had to re apply this year. It is really important to know how the point scoring works, as if you can comply with one section you are likely to score enough points to get it. Do your research on what counts in terms of scoring points and Iike Linda said always think of your worst day whilst answering your questions. If you are anything like me it is quite easy to provoke your symptoms into being active on the day of the tribunal and if possible take a "carer" with you. It is always easier for those looking at you to be able to see you "struggling" - Good Luck!


i think i had it when i got medically retirement, my pay from work had ceased and to fill the gap i received it before my pension kicked in but don't think i had to apply for it

if this helps though did receive dla a few years ago and like someone has already mentioned, tell them about how you feel on your worst day



I was awarded ESA when I attended my appeal, my husband came with me as did my welfare worker, if youve not got a welfare worker it may be an idea to get one, the welfare worker does not do any of the talking but they will complete the form and help you get all the info (pbc info).

I got every bit of info possible ( got a lot from the foundation), my husband did a lot of the talking at the appeal and this was because i was confused and very forgetfull, to be honest if my husband had not been there I would not have been able to answer questions, this was due to me getting confused and my husband having to repeat the questions for me, they ask you how far you can walk, can you cook etc and what you have to do (even if for the last week/month you have been feeling not to bad), you must answer them as if you are feeling how you do on one of your worse days. Personally I want to shout at the top of my lungs "do you think I would have given up a good paying job for the pittance I get from ESA, if I were able to work", lol but know this would get me nowhere. I hope you are successful but once again I would advice you to get yourself a welfare worker and gather as much info as you can, please let us know how you get on :)


How many have lost there ESA on the 31st April ? I had a surprise phone call of them to say that was it no more !


I am still having ESA. I had to complete all the forms again at the beginning of the year as they wanted to see if I had got better, (as if), and in the comment section I did reiterate "progressive and incurable" and quite how was that going to fit in with getting well again, but should effective treatment become available to me they will be the first to know. I was pretty miffed at having to fill all the forms in again you might be able to tell, but they did agree to carry on paying. Did you have to complete the forms again?

I dont know why they would say you could no longer have it unless you are retirement age?


The ordinary ESA only lasts for 12 months now. The income related one carries on but you have to fill in the forms each year. I have just had my decision for this year and after being in the working group for the past 2 years have now been moved to the support group.


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