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Nervous 😩

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Hi dear friends.

As the time of regular lab tests getting closer, I feel extremely nervous. I don’t know how to control these feelings.

Next week I have to go for lab tests.

Anyone same as me?

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Yes ma’am. A friend said something once when I was anxious and I had to stop and let it sink in. She said “it is already written and is what it is”. 😊

So trueeee👌

But I still get anxious. We as women have a God given gift of fixing things. I think when we can’t fix ourselves, it becomes a little overwhelming. So naturally, some of us have the tendency to be anxious. Hope all goes well for you.

So true. Thank you for your calming words. Wish me luck...❤️❤️❤️❤️

🙏🏻 let us hear 🌷

Yes, I am too. Good luck 🤞

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Sona_akb in reply to Kakey

Seems that it will never become ordinary for me.

If your bloodwork has been normal consistently, there is no reason to think negatively. I am sure you will be fine. Regular bloodwork is what helps your doctor manage your condition.

Having said that, yes I get anxious awaiting the results too. Fortunately we have our doctors looking out for us.

No need to get anxious, it won’t do anything for you. Be happy & live your life.

Thank you for such wonderful explanation I think I feel relaxed now. I will let it happen ... ❤️❤️

It's natural to feel nervous before the tests. Unknown is the worst. We all go through it. Try to think of something else, get busy with something that will take your mind off the tests. This is what I usually do. Whatever happens, happens, worrying about it, will not change it and will not help. I wish you all the best.

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Sona_akb in reply to iagra

You’re absolutely right. Worrying is such a useless feeling but it can destroy mental health and function. I will work on this to not to get worry. But sometimes it gets unavoidable.Speaking here with you guys helps me alot.

Thank you

Sona,Your feelings are normal. Try going for a long walk to get rid of excess energy. You can also try to keeping a journal about your feelings. You can even draw pictures to match your feelings. If you anxiety becomes extremely high, please contact your physician to let them know how you're feeling. They may refer you to a therapist familiar with PBC.

Sending you a big hug! Good luck with your tests.

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Sona_akb in reply to Terri-Lynn

Thank you for answering🙏🏻🙏🏻 I tried to distract myself in tiding everywhere in house😂😂

It's a productive activity that you will enjoy the benefits from but know thoughts of nervousness return when you're quiet. Focus on some deep cleansing breaths. Breathe as deep as you can, then hold your breath for a few seconds and let it out slowly. Repeat this 3 times and see if this helps.

I do yoga at home especially when I feel stressed and deep breathing is part yoga. It builds strength and core which is helpful for your gut.

Hope this helps you too.

Hi, I get my second covid-19 shot on the 14th of this month. So, at the end of the month I start a bunch of tests I missed last fall. Starting the 30th of this month through July 1st I will be having an Ultrasound, MRElastography, full blood work-up and an ERCP. That last one checks for varicies. In the fall of 2019 my tests revealed I had moved up a full stage in fibrosis from 2018. That makes me very nervous as well for what these tests will reveal. I understand completely how you feel. Physically and mentally I feel ok. Only dry eyes and fatigue. Sometimes upper right quadrant aches and pains. Acid reflux can cause those though. So, I keep up with my pepcid-ac and I don't have too much trouble. Hang in're not alone.


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gwillistexas in reply to Ktltel

Hi Stella. Which vaccine did you get? I’ve been reluctant to get it. Our infectious disease expert has a segment each Friday. Last Friday he had a lady who has lupus, say her first vaccine made her ill and it had been a month. He said they are now seeing more people with autoimmune diseases, have more severe side effects. He advised her to not take the second and if she does, wait at least two months. She took Moderna and he said they have just learned that one dose of that one offers 80% protection. I did get on the list for J & J today but am waiting to hear my heps thoughts on any of it. I hope you do well.

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Ktltel in reply to gwillistexas

Hi..Yes. It was Moderna. I will have to do my research. Thank you so much. ❤hugs.

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gwillistexas in reply to Ktltel

You’re welcome. I understand the need to be vaccinated but there’s just something I can’t quite come to terms with. Oh well, I still may say no when the pharmacy calls. Let us hear how everything goes for you. 🙏🏻😊

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gwillistexas in reply to Ktltel

I might add, he treats transplant patients at Methodist and Baylor in Dallas. I trust him 100%. Dr Ed Dominguez

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Ktltel in reply to gwillistexas

Ok. Very good to know. Thank you. Thank you. ❤❤

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gwillistexas in reply to Ktltel

Stella, I misspoke. He said flare ups with autoimmune, not severe side effects. Sorry...

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Ktltel in reply to gwillistexas

Thank you. I will talk to my hep tomorrow too. I "can" wait to get my 2nd shot..I'm not going anywhere. Been home. I want to be safe. Trying to build up my immune system to counter act the blow. A couple friends got their 2nd shot today. Both had chills, aches, and a low grade fever. One's husband had his 2nd shot too like his wife did. He states he's only had a sore arm so far. No flu-like issues.

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ninjagirlwebb in reply to Ktltel

My brother got his 2nd Moderna dose last Saturday. He had the sore arm Saturday then Sunday, he had a 100 degrees fever & chills. He was good by Monday and went to the office to work.

My friend who also has pbc got her 2nd dose pfizer 3/25 and was fine.

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Ktltel in reply to ninjagirlwebb

Hi, Thanks for the info. Hope you're doing well.🙋‍♀️


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ninjagirlwebb in reply to Ktltel


Yes...doing okay. Thanks!

Getting 2nd pfizer dose next Friday. Nervous but my hep arrange the jabs for me and he wrote me after the first one and said, I am glad you got the vaccine.

I think you will be okay getting 2nd Moderna dose...


Thanks. It does help to hear positives. Several members of my family have taken Pfizer and Moderna with no issues. I know very few who have had side effects. biggest concern is that I’m allergic to many antibiotics. The worse reaction was to vancomycin. So, I definitely need to hear from my hep. But no one knows how we will react to the vaccine so it’s basically a chance we take and he can only advise.

Yes talk to your hep.

I haven’t heard from his nurse. So, I called my rheumatologist and talked to his nurse at length. She said he will definitely say “no” to the J & J. She will discuss allergies and get back to me.

well, a lot of help my hep is. He’s a great hep but I asked a simple question and expected a simple answer. A full week and no answer. My next step is to talk to a pharmacist. They of all people should know. My rheumatologist gave a big “NO” to the J & J. But I had marked that one off when I saw 3 of the vaccination sites were closed.

I think pfizer is the one to go for if you can choose. Maybe your hep thinks this is a question you should ask your primary care doctor or allergist. I ask my hep lots of things, and he will answer, but he also tells me who else I should talk to if it is outside his realm of expertise.

My rheumatologist prefers Pfizer. I had my follow up with PA at Internist 2 weeks ago. He has treated me for 14 years or longer and knows first hand my drug allergies. All he said was, if I get Covid along with this liver disease, I won’t make it. What a thing to say. But, it’s probably true. He just said I need the vaccine. So I am leaning toward Pfizer as I have heard there are less side effects than with Moderna. I guess it depends on how our body reacts. My hep is usually good at answering my concerns. I only asked him because of the liver situation.

Don’t wait on getting the vaccine. Go get a pfizer appointment. With all the variants popping up, get vaccinated as soon as you can.

Thank you. I will. Your 2nd shot is coming up isn’t it?


I’m taking my first shot next week, Spotnik V vaccine 💉 (Russian).I’ve heard about autoimmunity flare after vaccination but I think staying unvaccinated is more dangerous. Also I haven’t any reaction to other vaccines like influenza or hepatitis.

I’ve not had problems with the flu vaccine either. It’s the other drug allergies I’m concerned with.

I was concerned too, but I don’t know I just want to end this situation. wearing 2 masks for 8 hours a day is really a hard work. I hope this pandemia ends soon.

Although I got corona virus in last November. it was a mild one without cough or fever

You were lucky. Glad it was mild. My boss had a severe case. Wasn’t good. A coworker got it a week later. Mild case but still very sick.

Hope you do well. Let us hear 🌞

Thank you. Will share my experience ❤️❤️Take care

Thank you. You do the same 😊

Lab results came out near normal. I’m the happiest at the moment,


Great! See, don't waste your time worrying! Think of this outcome next time you get nervous if you can. 😀

I would probably waste my time again next time 😂😂😂


ninjagirlwebb gwillistexas I got fist shot of Covid vaccine at monday. It was Chinese Sinopharm vaccine which is composed of inactivated virus. It has 86% efficacy.

I had no symptoms like nothing had happened.

Wanted to share my experience.

Thank you. I’m happy you had no issues. 😊

Usually there is less reaction on first dose. That’s great. 2nd dose will be more intense.

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