High liver enzymes not AMA test yet but shouldn't my labs get worse not better

High liver enzymes not AMA test yet but shouldn't my labs get worse not better

My alt is 68 AST 51 and ALP 116 last year they were normal for my physical examine... in January when tested on a new add med they were ALT 84 AST 65 and ALP 129 so my question is wouldn't they get worse and not better. I don't want to go through all this testing if it's just because of my medication attached is my current lab. I recently stopped the meds dr said to retest in 3 months but he will test my AMA if I want.. I've had them tested a few years ago and they were normal I don't want to cause myself stress and money on tests if this is my meds...

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  • Do it. Have your AMA-M2 tested. It's supposedly a definitive marker for PBC.

  • Should I wait the three months? My dr was going to retest after I cease the medication for 3 months and then do the AMA again. AMA was negative in the past

  • Sure. Your labs look good. 3 months isn't gonna hurt anything. 👍

  • Thanks for your reply you are making me sane! I'm a mom of two little kids one is not even one yet and I'm super worried about being sick and leaving them... it's consuming me and I already have anxiety but I'd like to wait three months just to put this in the back of my mind and enjoy my summer the best I can...

  • Listen, I understand completely.❤.

    But please keep in mind, PBC isn't a death sentence. It's a very slow progressing disease. With meds it's even slower.

    Still, be kind to your liver over the summer. Just baby it. Lol. Drink lots of water too and avoid alcohol til you know what's going on.

    Keep a journal of how you feel health wise. Just for something to look back on and compare. Keep us posted too.

    Have a good summer! I am!


    Dx PBC 10/16

    Dx Seronegative RA 4/16

  • Also wanted to mention I have had upper right side pain and upset stomach for about 6 years now...

  • I wonder if that's not gallbladder related??

  • It could be I've had scans but we're see. My liver and hep tests all were fine during my pregnancy my baby will be one at the end of this month... I seriously think this is medication related. But my dr has me scared. He told me I can come in Monday for an AMA test but I think that's cause I called his office 4 times between yesterday and today. I told him I'll wait 3 more months... I'm not much of a drinker but I take my anti anxiety meds. He said that and one-2 drinks here and there wouldn't hurt but I know I'll be super paranoid so I won't drink...

  • I know it's easier said than done, but, try to relax. Enjoy your babies and have a nice summer. It really does sound medication related.

    I know some women on here with PBC who still have an occasional glass of wine. They know their body and what they can and cannot do. The women on here are a wonderful encouragement. Even with PBC they are strong wives, mother's, friends.. etc., and even those long timers with PBC on here are all of those things and encouraging to others too. Have courage friend, either way it's gonna be OK.


  • Thank you Stella you are wonderful and have calmed my nerves! My name is mimi!

  • ❤ So many on here did the same for me not too long ago.

    Keep us posted after your fun summer!! 👍


  • Hi.

    I have a couple of questions...

    1) What is your diagnosis?

    2) How did that come to be?

    3) When did you start Urso?

    4) When did you stop?

    5) Why did you stop?

    You may wish to reply in PM, if you want to that is fine by me. I am asking so we can get to the bottom of where you currently are.



  • Hello I am not sure what my diagnosis is: here's my back story

    2003-2006 -2009 higher liver enzymes was taking adderall for attention deficit disorder liver enzymes never horribly high

    2012 went to Mexico came back with hep A from the resort liver enzymes went back to normal after 2 months

    2013 went off add meds due to pregnancy then had pre eclampsia liver enzymes went up during pregnancy till delivery then went back to normal went back on the Add meds... liver enzymes went up GGT 300 ALP 220 ALT 200 AST 187 was told to stop med got tested for all heps all negative Was seen by a liver specialist in 2014 Ana ama normal ultrasound normal 2015 everything good got pregnant again liver enzymes stayed normal had my son then decided to try add meds again under drs supervision as I suffer and have lost two jobs since having my Attention deficit disorder... liver enzymes went back up... dr said I have high cholesterol as well and wants to see if those two go hand in hand... so I am awaiting to be diagnosed...

  • Hi,

    I agree with Robert, for any of us to really comment we need to know what meds you are on and why your liver is being tested etc.

    Why not get in touch with him, or one of the other advisors at the 'PBC foundation' - link at top of page, or 'PM' (private message' Robert as he suggests.

    Take care, Gritty xx

  • Thank you I will private message him. I am not on liver meds I'm on anti anxiety meds and adderall. But I'm going off the adderall and retesting my liver after 3 months of being off the med

  • at first mine went up mildy and then normal then back up. The next time they were tested they went up really high. Took a couple of months because they at first thought medication was affecting me. Did and ama and biopsy and diagnosed with PBC and put on URSO. waiting for my first retest after meds. They can do more now so don't stress... they are catching it earliy

  • Thanks for your reply I really do think I have it... cause my liver enzymes have been up and down and up and down. I know that it's not going to kill me if caught early. I just want it taken care of asap if I do have it... my AMA was negative in 2015 when they thought I had it but that doesn't mean it's still negative they are retesting mine

  • mine was negative for 2 years then positive then went back down....did a ama2 and it was slightly positive so treating me. best of luck to you. they need 2 of 3 tests to be positive for a real diagnosis...ama, biopsy, enzymes, ultrasound.

  • Thanks I had an ultrasound it was fine, I went through one more pregnancy and my liver enzymes stayed normal. I just wish I could figure this out I don't like being in the unknown but I'm also dreading the diagnosis and it is causing me lots of anxiety

  • Did you have a positive ANA saying you have a autoimmune disorder..... usually have more than one st s time....hypothyroidism , signed, lupus and so on

  • Mine was negative. But that was a few years ago I had Ana AMA both negative but like I said about 2014 2015 was the tests

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