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Hi hope you all had a good xmas, i haven't written anything on her for a long time, my question is about 5 months ago i really lost my appetite, in the sense that food bores me most of the time i really don't know what to cook for meals occasionally i can enjoy a meal but most of the time i feel i may just as well eat a sandwich or bowl of cereal without the bother of preparing a meal i know I've no interest in cooking, although i do for my husband, although i can still eat something sweet and enjoy. I am 65 and was diagnosed with PBC in 2009. I take urso x 4 tablets per day, get fatigue, dry eyes and mouth and occasional bouts of itching but my alkaline phosphates have improved a lot since being on URSO. Does anyone else have lack of appetite?

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Hi there

Same with me, I have no

Interest in food atol even though I cook for my husband and son. Mostly just have some toast or sandwich. It's not ideal but what can you do.

I have lack of appetite here and there just don't want to eat or nothing sounds good. Since starting Ursodoil several months ago I don't really grave sweets either.

My itching is all the time I tried everything. Just weeks ago my University of Michigan doctor had me try sarna lotion it works to calm my itching a bit but I pretty much have to take benadryl every night to get sleep from constant itch. I prefer children's liquid and my doctor is okay with me taking that.

Goodluck with your appetite.


I wish I did.... seems I am hungry all the time... I discovered a turkey meat loaf but you really have to season turkey.....but I am sick of eating low carb, no sugar, low fat, and only fish chicken or turkey 🙄

I’m hungry most of the time too. I had a Chic-Fil-a sandwich around 12:45 today. Hungry at 2:00. It’s crazy. But I’m thankful to still have a good appetite. 😊

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Sue the makers! It's not ok to call it Chic-fFl when it doesn't fill a chick? x

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Do you like almonds? If you keep some in the fridge, (whole, unblanched, unsalted or sugared) and have 2 or 3 or 4 for snack or at end of meal they seem to shut up your craving for any food. I don'tknow the science of it but it works well for me.

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Yes, I love almonds. There isn’t much I don’t like, lol!

I have lost my appetite in the last year or so I have just been diagnosed with pbc .And when I am hungry takes very little to get full

I also have loss of appetite. My dr thinks it’s connected to other issues though.

thank you all for your replies, its hard to know what is related to PBC or no. HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE X


I am very newly diagnosed (Christmas Eve) I am from the UK. I am dropping a lot of weight too which isn't good since I am already very thin. I guessed it was either from the PBC or from the Sjogren Syndrome I have but It's good to know I am not alone in these symptoms. xx

Shashwoo...welcome to our little corner😊. This is a great place to be to get answers, support & love. I wanted to ask since you mention weight loss. Do you not have a good appetite? I have lost weight too & was small to start with. I have a crazy appetite so my weight loss isn’t because I’m not hungry.

I used to have a good appetite but now I would rather just have a bowl of cereal than a full meal. Must be something to do with the AI conditions.

With having Sjogrens I've found that my tastes have changed, I can't eat anything that is too sweet, salty, spicy etc. It totally burns my tongue and mouth so I've had to adapt to a very bland menu. xx

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Could you enjoy shakes? Banana, avocado, cashew nut, any milk, anything bland you fancy. Drinking these with a straw can help if your mouth is sore or sensitive. If I go to supermarket it takes f-o-r-e-v-e-r because when I see the food none appeals, I can't pick anything up, then I'd be wanting chocolate at the checkout because I'm exhausted from the waste of energy. I have the food delivered now. It's easier to select things from a screen with a keyboard. If this isnt for you, I hope you find a way to slowly get some appetite back. Best wishes

Hi I am the same, lost 3 stones have no interest in food, porridge will do as I know I have to eat. I can afford to lose the weight so won't worry till it get serious. Sometimes I just cannot swallow, food comes back up.

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