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Fibroscan result


Hello all, it’s been a while since I posted with my suspected PBC diagnosis. Since then I’ve had an appointment with the consultant, a liver biopsy and today I had my fibroscan. Just need to wait to see the consultant again now to get the results.

As I lack patience, I was trying to work out what my fibroscan result was. The doctor confirmed there is some liver stiffness, more than she would expect of someone my age and my build. I spotted on the screen that the score was 13.3. I saw a chart somewhere before and I think 13.3 suggests there definitely something going on, but not quite cirrhosis. Anyone understand what that result means and where I can get my hands on the chart?

Thanks! 😊

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All I know is that I was told that the ‘normal’ range was 2 to 7. However your doctor may have been working on a totally different scale, and it would probably be better to give her a ring. Sorry - that’s not very helpful, is it? Good luck with it all!

Google fibroscan chart. I think the colorful one st the top is what I have. 😊

Why not contact the 'PBC Foundation' who host/run this 'PBC F' site on 'Health Unlocked'.? They are the UK experts, they work hand-in-hand with the UK PBC specialists, and have a brilliant, up-to -date website as well as helpful, trained advisors who you can phone or email. Link at top of page, or Google 'PBC Foundation' (ignore all older links as there is still a huge amount of rubbish about PBC online. There's even more info if you join the PBC Foundation (it's free) and they are amazing. This site would not be here without them, and their president, Collette Thain, set up the 'PBC F', after she had such a lack of help and info when she was first diagnosed, years ago.

Hope this helps.

What did your biopsy show?

Rachie34 in reply to Lawyers

Not had the result of my biopsy yet. Starting to get rather impatient as I had the biopsy on 19th September, so my results at lying around out there somewhere. I suspect my consultant was waiting for the fibroscan result as well before giving me an appointment, so hopefully not too long now before I know what’s what.

Lawyers in reply to Rachie34

I am sorry. I am in the US. Don't understand. I was told biopsy was best. I had results in 5 days though Dr. Doing it went beyond and showed me me organ by organ my cat scan. All was normal. I don't know what doctor to believe. I hope you get results soon.

Biopsy remains the gold standard in the US for diagnosis when blood work does not definitively indicate a cause. Many hepatologists/GI’s recommend a biopsy to get answers.

Fibroscans are used after diagnonsis to check on how elastic the liver is based on a score to monitor progression along with blood work.

Here is a link to an article which discusses fibroscan results - I think PBC falls within the 'chronic cholestatic diseases' range. Remember though, the stated 'result range' should be viewed as a guideline, it is your doctor who is the best one to evaluate your particular results.

gwillistexas in reply to DianneS

DianneS...very good reading. Thanks for sharing 🦋

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