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Crotch area


Anybody experienced burning and stinging in the crotch area ? Both legs right at the top , was convinced I’d got shingles but went to doctors after a week of suffering and she said it wasn’t , gave me cream to put on 3 times a week . Doctor said it could be thrush because you can get it on the outside but it’s not itching it’s just burning and stinging

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It could be lichen sclerosis another autoimmune condition

Steelie in reply to Ballymahon2

Just looked it up , it’s not white patchy and it on the outside not the inside , but thank you for your response

mrspeffer in reply to Steelie

HI...funny this came up today. I was at the dermatologist yesterday for what is thought to be a squamous cell carcinoma on my leg. He looked at some dry, dark scaly patches on my legs and now we are looking at lichen planus. Close relative to lichen sclerosis. Auto immune stress related inflammation that under microscope mimics cancer...oh joy. My will sometimes itch, burn, become red, purple, dark brown, raised, flat. So yep, very possible. So I spent the morning looking for natural treatments for this. Good reading of the different types of herbs that can be used. Hope the cream you were given is not steroid based...I just read that, although that will soothe the problem, it also masked the issue, not cure. Best of luck. If you live in the UK, look up Silver-MSN

LP gel

When I was about 24 I went to Nigeria on business some 40 odd years ago. When I returned home I had the most awful sore burning as you describe. I went to the doctor who had fortunately seen the problem before. He gave me a white cream (f I remember correctly) which was painful to use but it cleared up the problem. He called it dhobi rash. The water in Nigeria so long ago was not clean even for washing. I doubt it is the same thing but I mention the above just in case.

best wishes

I really understand i have suffered terrible.

But the doctor never seemed worried. I still get it from time to time but just find cool baths help

Hi Steelie, Ive just had an interesting experience - I was attending the dermatology Clinic at the hospital for over a year with the same, even had a biopsy, very painful!

each time I attended he said use the steroid cream even more, slap it on! But in January I had a back tooth out and was given antibiotics - within two days my itch and redness was completely gone - its June now and it hasnt returned. Im looking forward to seeing the Doctor at the hospital again, he said what I had, came under the umbrella of lichen sclerosis- but I never had any swabs taken, it must have been bacterial all along. All in all I suffered for about 2 years so I knew instantly when it was gone. Hope this might help you. Have a lovely day, the sun is shining here in Ireland. Kandypat

Steelie in reply to kandiepat

Thank you for telling me about your experience , the cream seems to be calming it down now so fingers crossed it’s working , poor you I couldn’t imagine having it for as long as you had . Sun not shinning here lol but you have a Lovely day

Biddyb in reply to kandiepat

Really interesting I think I will challenge the gynaecologist when I see him maybe it is fungal after all. Like you I have had no swabs done. Which antibiotics were you prescribed can you remember

Steelie in reply to Biddyb

They just prescribed cream ,Daktarin

kandiepat in reply to Biddyb

My antibiotic I don't remember, but after everything got better I had my usual thrush after antibiotics, that cleared up using canistan cream.

I was diagnosed with Lichen Sclerosis 15 months ago and given Dermovate to apply it disappears then returns a few days after as I only apply the cream when it's really burning but it calms it straight away the gynaecologist has threatened to do a biopsy to make sure diagnosis is correct but as the cream works there doesn't seem much point. On examination of the area (vulva) it varies from pale white when the burning is bad to healthy pink after application. Never thought I would spend so much time checking my under carriage. Good luck

kandiepat in reply to Biddyb

Hi Biddyb, sounds same as me - why don't you ask if you can try an antibiotic - at least you'd know! Kandypat

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