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My blood work

I was told to go to an urgent care to have blood work done because no doctor was available to do order the blood tests at my GI Dr's office.

When I got the results back, everything showed normal excecpt my

CBC/DIFF-F-MONO was 33.2 when normal range should be 33.4- 35.5 g/dl

CBC/DIFF-F-MONO was 14.8 when normal is 0.0- 7.3%

CBC/DIFF-F-EOS was 5.4 when normal is 0.01 - 4.1%

The urgent care and GI dr's are saying everything is normal. Why would they when this are mot? Do they not mean anything?

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Hi yanyeerose.

Is these counts for the white blood cell count?

My son used to get his bloods checked on a regular basis for a different condition and they often raised slightly when he had a virus. Sometimes they were found to be above normal before he even felt unwell and even a cold would alter them. I think that it’s something that happens to everyone and we only knew about his because he was monitored so closely.

Hope this helps but do contact your doctor again if your worried.

Best wishes.


Thank you


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