I had AMAs in my bloodwork and am being referred to a GI doctor I do not have a high ALP but my ALT is a little high because of drinking

I had ANAs in my bloodwork but nothing esle ALP normal only ALT high because of recently using alcohol. I am being referred to aGI doctor and having an ultra sound. I am worried that they will not do everything to rule PBC out,

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  • Hi @SSMPCW123

    As you are aware of PBC you will be able to ask your GI to rule it in or out however until you get your diagnosis it may be a good idea not to drink any alcohol (although PBC is not caused by alcohol) and eat a good varied and healthy diet so that any further blood tests can give you the best chance of getting a true reading. For instance eating red meat the night before a blood test will show up in the blood test. Try not to worry to much in advance, let the GI make his investigation and take it from there.

    best wishes

  • Thank you! I just heard from my ultra sound which I am not sure how to interpret the voicemail that I got from the nurse but it looks like fatty liver but have to still do test for PBC

  • I have no blood rest pointing to PBC except the AMAs in my blood.

    The ultra sound showed no problem with the biliary. It showed Fatty Liver but my PC is convinced that I have very earlyPVC and I will be seeing a GI in a few weeks. I am upset because I do not bieve that I have PBC any thoughts?

  • Sorry misspelled some words.

  • Hi to all. I just want to share the good news with you all re my latest blood results. Liver Function test. Lowest since 2009. S-Alkaline Phosphatase 208. S-g Glutamine 65, S-ALT 24 S-AST 34. This is the lowest it has ever been. Way back in 2010 it was 1043, 483, 141, 141. Urso, gluten free diet, no fatty foods, no alcohol could only be the reason for this best ever result. I kept a chart over the years and it is amazing how it came down as I cut gluten out 100%. Hashimotos is the other auto immune disease I have to watch. Goes from hyper to under active. The itch is also better since the counts dropped, but not gone. That is my story. I am 76 heading for 77 in few months time.

  • That's great Rockie!

    (I was just diagnosed this year.) Like you I'm on Urso and I have gone gluten free. I'm hoping my next blood tests are improved.

    I also have Hashis. I am waiting on thyroid tests. After being hypothyroid for the first time in years my last thyroid test showed tsh at. .001 although I don't feel hyper and have not lost any weight.

    Once again congratulations on good results!

  • So encouraging to hear good, positive news. I'm 63 & your posts make me think "I can do this". Thank you!

  • I want a live long like you👍🏼🙏.im only 40 right now with pbc, hypothyroid, and reactive hypoglycemia 😔

  • Congratulations! Curious - did you adopt a gluten free diet to help with the PBC for another reason or did you have other symptoms that suggested you avoid gluten? I believe i tolerate it just fine but would try literally anything to improve my blood work. Thanks! O

  • Ottley3. The main reason for going gluten free was I had problem with loose stools and it was real bad. Since I cut gluten out of my diet I do not have that problem anymore. Also the itching is more under control now

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