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medication after knee replacement and pic

hi not been on here for a long time, i was diagnosed 9 years ago, my ALP GGT were high but ok ish with urso 2 months ago i had a knee replacement and at first was on morphine but had really bad reaction, i was then on tramadol and paracetamol, but only take tramadol at bedtime now and try to manage with paracetamol during the day, normally i know we are advised only to take unto 4 paracetamol per day so i was just wondering if i could have done damage to my liver by taking the other medication, although to be fair i couldn't do without it at the moment, i never realised the operation could be so painful and the recovery so long, knee still swollen a lot and so so stiff although i do the exercises every day,.

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Hi silvi

Sorry to read that your knee replacement is not as successful as you had hoped. I know that the exercises are difficult in the early days but so necessary unfortunately. Keep up the good work things will improve. Unfortunately with medication for all of us it is the lesser of two evils. Pain is so very debilitating and you would probably find it difficult to function without some help. Many of us take other medication which is said to be contraindicated but for some it does not have any impact. It will only be when you see your liver specialist and bloods are done that you will know if there have been any changes.

For many of us who have serious operations because we are in and out of hospital so quickly there is a tendency not to place the operation at a high level of importance, you really need to make sure that you follow the doctors instructions and the physio (hopefully you have had some) to the letter. Do not overdo it but at the same time do enough. Us ladies have a tendency to think we can just "do" that when in fact it may be too early to be pushing a vacuum or lifting that duster.

Most important though is if you are feeling uncertain go back to the doctor and have a check up. I am assuming your follow up with the specialist will be a while off yet.

take care and let us know how you get on.

best wishes

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I'm on strong meds still after mine 4 years later. I just get them issue d with reference to my liver & only take them when the pain becomes unbearable my bloods are doing great. But I run every single thing I take via the specialist. X

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Hi I had a knee replacement four months ago. All the time I was in hospital and being given drugs I was violently such each day. Like you I was worried about my liver so refused any further drugs. I also stopped the urso for two months. I would rather put up with the pain than the awful sickness. Four months on I am back on urso and knee doing just fine so it will come good for you in the end. I love walking with my new knee which prior to the op was very bow legged. Now lovely and straight and walking with ease. Although the pain was unbearable at the time you are doing very well. Yes it is a long time healing and the swelling takes months to go down. The only drug my body would tolerate was paracetamol and ibrufen. My physio told me to keep up the home exercises for a year. So we need lots of patience. Well worth it in the end so hang in there. I am having my shoulder done next year so now know I cannot take the morphine drugs. So feel better prepared. As do not want any risks for my liver. Don’t push yourself too hard. It is early days yet for you. xx

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Hi glad your op has been a success and you are now enjoying walking again, yes my physio said the same to keep excercies up for a year, it is good to get others feedback i agree about feeling better prepared for next time which i wasn't before, take care and thank you x


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