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Pbc trial😄

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I was invited to participate in a Pbc medication trial .fortunately I'm a responder to urso witch I have been taking 1000 mg a day for over a year.

The trail is to try and establish why some people respond to urso and others don't. Due in the trail I will be doing lots of different tests. My first test will be on the 6th October where I will be giving different samples.

I'm glad to be part of this trial as I will be helping Pbc sufferers who don't respond to urso and my own ppc will be monitored. Win win situation all around.

Has anyone else been invited on this trial

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do you know what I have to do to participate?

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Lcagar63 in reply to Sachin1234

I was sent a letter saying my hospital had put my name forward and would I like to take part. It is not a trial it is a study. Used the wrong word trial.


Yay for you!! Please keep us posted.

Stella ❤

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Lcagar63 in reply to Ktltel

Sure will Stella X

I'm going to my first one next week at Addenbrookes, I'm newly diagnosed.

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Sachin1234 in reply to SharonM69

They want a study you as well 👍🏼

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SharonM69 in reply to Sachin1234

Yes, they wanted to do it as I'm only on 250 ursofalk a day at the moment I'm gradually building them up every month

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