At 6 month mark on urso and somewhat disappointing lab work

Hi! Just an update on me - I've been on urso since 3/30 so almost the 6 month mark. I've been showing steady improvement ( getting labs checked every 2 months) but my ALK jumped up this past week. My AST is down to 48 (was 115 at diagnosis - normal is 34) and my ALT is down to 85 ( was 219) so that's encouraging but my ALK which started at 351 and dropped to 239 jumped back up to 305. Biopsy scheduled in two weeks. I generally feel great. Sometimes my eyes a little dry in the morning and sometimes I'm a little tired but no itch and I've been exercising and eating very well. Im staying positive but this feels like a setback. Anyone seen this kind of progression on urso or had an experience like this. Thanks in advance for any reactions! O

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  • Forgot to mention that normal levels for me for alt would be 10-49 and alk 32-91.

  • My ALK always bounces back & forth. I think it's just how things are for most of us. So, don't get discouraged. Things seem to be on the up & up for you😉.

  • Thank you so much. You made me feel better!

  • Hi Ottley3

    As Shulsey suggests blood results fluctuate so it is best to look at the big picture. If you can collect copies of all your blood tests over a period of time. Have a look at the URSO patient information leaflet (PIL) and make sure you are on the correct dose for your weight. Concentrate on the fact that you feel great, keep up with the good eating and the exercise it is good to help yourself.

    best wishes

  • hi should nt let it concern u to much as bloods change constantly on the whole i would say you are responding to urso (non med opinion) but also i have had bloods back before and been miscounted in lab so wait and see it is also a year on urso before its deemed success rates acc to my doc

  • My hepatic panel drop down to normal after 6 months..other organs tissue and bone degeneration also effects alp so make sure you don't have other problems like arthritis!

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