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TIPS Procedure


Back on May 19th, I had what I thought would be a simple outpatient surgery for an umbilical hernia. Well, 2 hospital stays later, I am now faced with having a TIPS procedure done on Jul 17th. I have had terrible ascites ever since the surgery & had fluid drawn out 3 times now. Apparently, a blood clot formed after the surgery and is now partially blocking the blood flow through my liver which is stressing the liver and causing the ascites. Therefore, the TIPS procedure.

My specialist also wants me to start transplant evaluation and told me that I need to go ahead and start the process for permanent disability through SSA

How quickly we can go from feeling fine to not being able to function is amazing.

Sorry for unloading on everyone. I know God has a plan in all of this crazy PBC stuff but it certainly can be worrisome at times.

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Yes, it's crazy how fast one can go from fine to not being able to function hardly at all. No need to apologize for unloading, this is why we're all here. Praying that everything gets better for you in time. I have been struggling for some time now just to get from one day to the next. But just think, you get that new liver & the possibilities are endless. Prayers for you sweetie🙏

Stay strong❣️



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