Gave blood today again

I got my First set of Hep A and B vaccine today.

I also gave blood to recheck my enzymes.

Not feeling to good about the results.

Does anyone ever become immune to prednisone and or azathioprine

Or are flare ups normal while taking the medication.

I'm really frustrated. I'm tired of waiting on the prednisone.

I started working out on my stair master a few days ago. I get liver pain when I work out. In march I could last over an hour. Now I'm up to 22 minutes. Working out makes me itchy but not to bad.

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  • You could do a whole hour on the stair master? You must be machine! I bet you can work up to it in no time. I'm sorry your blood tests didn't live up to your expectations. I don't know anything about the prednisone. Stay strong.


  • I can't do an hour now. In march I could. Then I started the prednisone and azathioprine. Urso didn't bother me. I am up to 22 minutes. It's not easy. I sweat badly. I also notice that during the workout itching starts. Tomorrow I will try 25 minutes. It's hard to breath. I'm not sure if it's the azathioprine or prednisone or both. My husband put the machine right in our livingroom

  • I'm proud of you. I have a Bow flex tread climber. I do a half hour on it and thankful to get off of it. Now that the weather is good I have been walking the dogs 4 miles. It does make me feel better.

  • I can't walk my dogs where I live. The misquotes will carry me away or die trying. I gained 20 pounds with the prednisone and I'm terrified that it's going to get raised again. We are actually selling both of our houses and moving out of the Florida swamps so that I can try to get out more. Can I see a picture of your dogs 🐶 please. I love ❤️ dogs and I am going to get a cuddle pup when I'm ready. I have a lab and a Australian Shepard mix but they won't like to cuddle

  • Well I tried to post a picture but I guess it didn't post.

  • It's ok. What dog 🐶 breed do you have? I'm thinking about a miniature poodle

  • I have a Golden doodle, a Havanese and a Spinone. The Golden doodle is wonderful. He's really smart and he loves everybody. Strangers are his very favorite.

  • I would love ❤️ a doodle. But here in Florida these breederswant 2 to 3000.00. I would not pay that for a puppy. My husbandand I are saving up to get me a therapy pup.

  • I think I paid $700. For mine 3 years ago. Which is a lot of money for a mutt! Now they are wanting too much for them but they are really great dogs. A therapy dog will set you back a pretty penny too but I have seen a lot of really wonderful companions in that group.

  • Soooo, we can give blood??? I didn't think we could. Help me out here Jennyhadenough. 😋& the reason you're itchy when you work out is due to the toxins you're sweating out through your pores. Mainly the bile which secrets through our pores. That's where itchy & scratchy comes from. 😕

  • I'm sorry. I didn't donate blood, I gave my blood to have my alt and liver enzymes rechecked being that my alt was elevated again to 116. My bilirubin and all other enzymes was fine. My igg was about 835. No we can not donate blood. I'm sorry. I got sloppy with my writing.

  • Lol, Im easily confused these days😳. I had to do labs yesterday myself. For three different Dr's😒. I'll post them later. I do know that my alkaline phosphates have gone from 386 to 300 since I started the Ocaliva🙂. I still have others that aren't right though

  • I think if you everyday. I wish that my prayers would get answered but for some reason we are chosen to deal with this.

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