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Chest infection again does anyone else keep having them ?

I'm on my second chest infection for this year !

I know I smoke there I said it out loud but I an not a heavy smoker

How many of you out there are ?

I have just orderd an e cigarette hope it works.

I phoned work this yesterday and my team leader was really short with me.

I was so annoyed coz they really still dont understand yhe nature of PBC and how fatigued I get .

I'm still working full time and spend most of the weekend recovering from the week ice just done.

I've given them the leaflets but they just font get it.

They will prob start to put me on sickness report as this is my 3 sickness since Jan I had a chest infection then was emergency admitted to hosp to have my gall bladder out and now how dare I ne off for nearly a week again

Dread going back on Monday now :(

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Ive had a chest infection for 2 months now, was give two lots of antibiotics along with two lots of steroids but its still not lifted (it is better but still have the cough along with white/clear flem), had chest xray and lungs were clear, Ive been given an asthma inhalour but I do not believe I asthma, Ive to go to the hospital next month for some sort of breathing test, she said this test will confirm if I have asthma or COPD.

This is the first time as an adult I have had a chest infection, I use to consider my self very lucky due to never taking colds or flu, I remember when I worked (gave up work just over 2 years ago), there were 5 of us in an office and during winter there were times I was the only person at work as the others were off sick with flu. Yes I am a smoker and my doctor was very surprised at this!!!!


Thanks Catherine69

I'm part if a big company but a small team of 4 people and Im the only one that works full time.

Dr said to go back if not gone in a week back in January I had chest x ray and that was clear

You will have to let me know how you get on at hosp . Got my fingers crossed for you

Best wishes Xx Karen


Hi cowren

went to hospital today for the breathing test and Im totally fine, no asthma or copd :)


I am the opposite, over the past many years, I hardly get infections and colds at all.

Unfortunately smoking does increase the chance of chest related issues way more than PBC ever could. I don't smoke, but my ex husband does, he constantly has a chest infection as does my brother who is a smoker.

As for work, there are regulations which don't allow you to be bullied at work due to being ill. If you are worried about being victimised at work due to having time off for genuine ill health, I would ring the foundation office and ask for advice, I am sure they will be able to tell you where you stand and give you some advice on this.


I have only recently got over some sort of chesty thing. I say 'thing' as I don't know what it was. Know it started mid-May and with the blocked nose, runny nose, then developed into a bad cough I couldn't seem to shift. I've never been a smoker but had been around distant family in the couple wks prior to this chesty thing and the person around was a very heavy smoker. (I could hardly avoid going to the house, we had a bereavement. I had to endure sitting in a room that was filled with smoke and it was very cloudy with it.)

Whether it was that I don't know. Prior to PBC diagnose in 2010 I never had colds or coughs.

I didn't want to see a doctor as knew I'd be given antibiotics more than likely (haven't had any since 1999) and now having PBC I'd rather if possible not take anything that might just be able to avoid unless necessary.

I know as I have found out that people with auto-immune conditions can have less of the white blood cells that are for fighting infection. Mine are just a point or so under the lowest of the normal range. So perhaps given this may be a case of being a bit more prone to certain infections.

You'll all be glad to read that I sat it out as I started to see a clear mucus so I knew the infection was no longer present. I am now pretty much back to normal.


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