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Slight electrical cramp that goes on-off in my left arm

I am newly PBC diagnosed and I am on Urso for my 3rd week. I am noticing like this slight electrical cramp on-off in my left arm and generally cramps and tiredness in my arms and legs, mainly in the morning. I also feel these small electrical cramps in my body but I associate them with the bloating because of starting Urso.

Have you any felt this symptoms? for me everything is new and do not know yet what is normal for the illness or what is not.


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Hello ritarobainapbc.

It doesn't read to me like it is due to taking the urso. I was diagnosed with pBC December 2010 and started taking urso. I had a few initial side-effects like heartburn, thought the itching I started with early 2010 had got a bit worse and also I did have some tummy bloating. I never felt anything like you describe. I only had intense itching and also fatigue when I was diagnosed. The urso did play havoc with my bowels though, some tend to get diarrhoea due to it but in my case I developed constipation that I had to readjust fibre intake though I never had a problem prior to taking the urso.

If you have not got the itching associated with PBC the only thing I can think of is that possibly you might develop it but other than that I cannot think what is causing your new symptons.

In my view it might be best speaking to your doctor.

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Thank you peridot. I am wondering if I had these symptons before but I did not pay attention to them. I have been noticing in the last couple of years muscle cramps in my hamds and feet, not too many really. I will ask my doctor when they call me if they are related with PBC or something else.



Hi ritarobainapbc,

I agree you should see your gp.I've not read of anyone with this kind of symptom for pbc. It could maybe be connected to circulation? Do your hands and feet feel tingly or cold sometimes? Best having a check up.


I had those little electric jolts before taking Urso.


I also have some stretching on my right side, but not necessarily in my upper abdomen. It sounds to me gases other stress. I had it before been on URSO


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