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Feeling bloated

Hello all,

Just wondered if anyone suffers from feeling bloated after eating and whether certain foods trigger it? I tend to notice these symptoms if I've had a lot of coffee and tea - does anyone else experience this? I've been on URSO for 2 months now with no side effects, but could this be down to the medication too?

Thanks for advice and best wishes 😊

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Yes I suffer from bloating, but since I've been on Spasmonal 69mg one three times a day, has helped.


I have/had bloating really bad and went to a dietitian after consultant referred me to try the fodmap diet after saying it was IBS.

I thought it was the tablets and still think they play a small part in it despite finding some foods that were culprits.

It was a long process but we found there were foods that made it worse. For me it was any foods containing sorbitol, fructans and lactose

The main culprits were some fruits, milk and wheat, after eliminating these foods and then reintroducing in small amounts to find my tolerance level iam fine now as long as I keep to it.

I do have to limit a lot of fruits and can only eat them as a snack never as part of a meal.

Could it be the milk your adding to tea and coffee, I only use lacto free now.

That's my experience but you should mention it to your doctors to get the right treatment and be checked out before embarking on any restrictive diets. Hope you get it resolved soon.


I get bloating, I take a beano before eating anything it helps, and I found out I am lactose intolerant so I drink lactaid free milk and dairy now. Also the URSO gives me gas and bloating, hope this helps.

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I've done lots of research on bloating. Sugars and Milk products and caffeine are big triggers for me. I found out I'm lactose intolerant. but every time I eat a sweet I swell up like a balloon.I only drink 1 cup of coffee a week now. A lot is trial and error.

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If you are experiencing any symptom change, try to keep a diary:

What did you do? WHat did you eat? ANything different? How do you feel?

These pieces of info may help you get to the bottom of the symptom, e.g. bloating.


Thanks to everyone for replying to my post about feeling bloated. Some really useful tips, particularly around milk and dairy products. I will try to limit these and keep a track of what sets off the bloated symptoms. Best wishes, :)


I was bloated all the time and had major stomach issues. I went off dairy years ago and gluten about 4 years ago. Going off gluten made a huge difference but I also was having a lot off other issues that I had to go off gluten. The other thing that has helped a lot is taking probiotics daily. Hope you find out what works for you.

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Hi Frank,

Thanks for your advice. Yes, I do notice quite a big difference in how I feel if I cut out bread, biscuits etc. and dairy. I don't seem to have a problem so much if I've only eaten a tiny amount but if things start to get a bit slack and I eat too much of those things, then I certainly feel bloated and uncomfortable. I think basically cutting out or right down is the answer. :)


It started with me slowly with gas and periodic diarrhea then I ended up having a barking cough and respiratory issues. I went off gluten and almost immediately I felt better. My cough and respiratory issues went away. It was 1 1/2 years being really sick. Hope it works for you!


Hi Franky,

Thanks for the advice, it helps a lot to hear other people's experiences and how they deal with symptoms. I know it will be trial and error to really establish which foods make it worse. It's quite hard at the moment because I've only been diagnosed since January but already I feel differences in my body, like the bloating, which I wasn't aware of before. I imagine things will get better once I cut out foods from my diet that make me uncomfortable. Thanks again.

Kat :)


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