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Hi just wondered if anyone can help. Been diagnosed several years with PBC but managed with Urso and not experiencing any complications (as yet). However within the last 3 months I have been hospitalised twice, once with a severe kidney infection and once with norovirus which caused my blood pressure to drop so low that I passed out and hit my head against the door frame which ended up needing gluing. I'm now on antibiotics for acute bronchitis and am again off work. I have never suffered before with either my kidneys or my chest and wondered if this could be in some way related to my condition and the general state of my health ie: being completely fatigued all the time. I had only just started a new job 2 weeks before my first hospital stay which means this is my 3rd period of sickness within my probationary period. Just wondered if anyone knew where I stood with this and if I would be able to claim any benefits if they finish me. #sopoorly

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Hi there sorry for your illness I can say for me I have had frequent infections mostly upper respiratory like bronchitis and last winter pneumonia, not sure if it's all related to the PBC ? Ask your doctor what she thinks, let us know how you are doing.

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Hello Mollymoo50.

Sorry to read of your recent ill mishaps.

My thoughts are that first of all as we get older, apparently we can succumb more easily to certain 'things' and also we can have other things that are not necessarily related to PBC.

However, I think that with certain issues we have, although nothing to do with PBC with how our system is handling having PBC it can have a knock-on effect and then lead to other issues.

I know with PBC it is known that we can have bone issues due to malabsorption of certain vitamins and D being one of the important ones it seems.

The timing as you stated with a new job isn't good and I can't really respond there with regards to benefits as I've never as yet claimed any and hope not to do so in the future if possible. But I am sure there will be another poster on here with this question you have asked who might be able to offer you some helpful information.

In the UK there is a charity that can offer advice. I'll pop the link on if you are in the UK (forgive me if you've said previously and I've forgotten).



Thank you. Yes I am in the UK and I too have no idea about claiming anything. Have worked all my life but at this moment in time feel that I should not be working until I get myself completely right.


Good Luck in getting on the mend and seeking any answers you might find you may need.

Ditto to the 'no idea about claiming anything', I've been in the same boat myself.


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