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Yeast infections

Just wondering if anyone suffers from recurring yeast infections. I have had them at least once a month for probably the last few years. I was diagnosed with pbc bsck in June and currently on 2000 mg of urso per day. I also read that women prone to yeast infections have a higher risk of getting pbc.

Any advice on ridding this problem woukd be greatly appreciated. I'm tired of this every month :(

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Natural health forums regularly suggest that people that tend to suffer from yeast infections are often eating a diet that is too acidic.

A natural response would be to eat a greater proportion of alkaline foods. In practice that means much less processed foods and dairy products and liberal helpings of salads and fresh fruit. Sugar is also acidic.

It is also said that cancer cannot live in an alkaline body but often thrives in a more yeast prone acid body.

Some people have taken to juicing as it makes it easier to consume a greater amount of more alkaline food stuffs.


Hi, i have had PBC for 7 years and suffer with thursh every month without fail, my doctor just gives me treatment every month, but thinking about what u said i only had it since i was aware i had PBC, I use to suffer now and again when i was younger 20 - 30s and early 40s .... i am now 51 and just live with it..... maybe i should look into it.... i know exactly how you feel :-) take care x

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Hello Jen11804.

I personally do not think that yeast infections have anything to do with the development of PBC.

I did get thrush in my first late prenancy which passed to my baby but with my second pregnancy a couple years later no problems.

Yeast infections are apparently a case of over-production of bacteria. WE have our own friendly bacteria within our system to keep a balance. Sometimes it gets upset.

I did once read that with yeast infections, cutting out certain foods that contain yeast - bread is one - and also fruit can actually cause this temporary problem. Apparently sugar can feed the problem.

For women it is said that using unperfumed products and also avoiding hot baths if a woman's infection can all help.

I also think that urso can in some way alter the body's balance. Know urso is a form of bile acid and that perhaps could add to someone prone to acquiring a yeast infection on a frequent basis. I know in the early days of urso (diagnosed Dec 2010, started on urso then) I suffered heartburn for a couple months, something that I never had prior to taking them. I also suffered that bit worse with return of heartburn late last year after a different manufacturer of urso was given to me.


I too have this problem . Am now trying acidophilus to combat it!


Hi everyone

Thanks for all your replies. I do eat rather healthy. I do like to have an occasional sweet maybe I'm just sensitive to eating sugar and no matter how much or little I eat it will affect me.

I did not say because I get yeast infections I developed pbc ( if that's what it portrayed ). I just said after researching about the disease that women who have recurring yeast infections have a higher risk of developing the disease.

I think I will try acidophilus anything right now I'm sure couldn't hurt

Hope everyone is well



I used to get yeast infections a lot too. My OB/GYN prescribed Trimethoprim -which is used to treat UTIs, but for some reason works on me for yeast infections when I take it proactively. I take one tablet every time my I go swimming/hot tub or get intimate with my husband. Dryness is an issue associated with PBC as well and maybe that contributes to the yeast infections?


I had thrush for about a year,non-stop. My Gp tried various meds to no avail. Then someone suggested home made live yogurt. We bought an Easiyo yogurt maker and I have natural,live,unsweetened Greek style yogurt at least once a day (twice when I started on it). It soon got rid of the thrush which had been throughout my system---from my mouth down! It might work for you. The "live" bit is Acidophilus as recommended in an earlier post and it is very easy to make.

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I tried one of these Easiyo yogurt makers myself and have to say it didn't last very long, the yogurt maker that is! I found the yogurt fine as it was ready but after refrigeration don't think it was very nice at all. I also thought it was a very expensive thing to have and maybe if the makers produced a very small two portion maker as opposed to the larger one then it might be some use.

You can buy acidiphilus on capsule form which I think are the same as what are present in the yogurt powders. The yogurt drinks with bacteria like Yakult (way OTT priced) are apparently being given in some hospitals in the UK to patients but I know it's not my way.


Sorry you didn't enjoy it; we love it! But everyone's taste is different!!!! Did you mean the yogurt maker didn't last long because you gave up or did it fail in some way? Our's has been going for ages.

I didn't know about the Acidophilus capsules but will remember that for the future when I could get fed up with yogurt?


I like to buy plain Greek yogurt without all the additives it's easier than making it and spending the money for the machine. I used to take acidophilus capsules a few years back. Don't know why I stopped. Maybe I didn't like taking pills. Lol

Funny cause now I hsbe no choice but to take pills every day for pbc. Guess it's something u get used to and like exercise becomes a habit.

Hope all is well with everyone.

Thanks for all your replies. :)


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