Heavy Metal Mouth

Heavy Metal Mouth

I found this article from an old magazine and wonder if amalgams would have anything to do with PBC. I used to have a lot of 'Metal fillings', had some removed but still have a couple remaining. After reading this article I've started 'googleling' if amalgams would have any affects on the liver's health...it does! I found this link copublications.greenfacts.o... that's interesting.

Does any of you have Heavy Metal Mouth? ...This might be a crazy idea but like all of us I'm just trying to make since of my diagnosis.

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  • Ive often wondered if almagam could have been a trigger...if i have any new fillings ir replacements i refuse to have metal ....

    The other one i wonder about is the bug from animals ...toxoplasmosis

    I know ive had yhat...anyone rlse?cazer.

  • I have far too many fillings , one or two are sitting in broken teeth and are exposed, and one time I broke a tooth whilst eating and immediately I got a metal taste and a severe head pain that lasted ages , and I know how bad they are for health , I would like to have them replaced but have panic attacks at dentist and it would be extra expense so it's never really high up on my to do list , but it's worth looking into .

  • The dentist sent me to dental acess centre..nhs and can do stuff under gas

    But theyve been so good as im really scaredthat ive just had normal pain killers.

    So go to an nhs dentist and ask about being sedated.

    Good luck

  • Thanks , I didn't know about sedation .

  • Just check its okay with liver.

  • Thanks , since I'm newly diagnosed I'm not used to checking stuff for liver or saying that I'm on medication, I guess that'll take time .

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