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Hip pain

Hi all, I'm feeling sorry for myself today, my hips are really painful and it's hard to sleep so I'm grouchy too.

I have zero hours contract at work and at the moment have no work until after the summer as I teach, obviously I'm not paid for summer time. looking for other work to fit around this and started the process of looking for more part time work. I'm also beginning the process of a work assessment with the job centre.

I do a few hours voluntary and help my elderly mum and disabled brother but this isn't considered when you have to find other work to pay the bills. ( I did say feeling sorry for myself).

Anyone got messages of light at the end of the tunnel please.

All the best. C xx

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I feel your pain, not that I can do much but send a hug, just get through the bad days as much as you can and enjoy the good days when they come ;-) sorry not much help but I wish you luck in finding something

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Hi C,

Sound like you are having a rough time. Have you tried fish oil for joint pain finds it really helps me. I use krill oil but it is quite expensive. Cannot understand why you are not being paid during the summer if you teach. I taught for 30 years and my summer salary was the same as the rest of the year. Are you in the UK. I used to work in Language schools in the summer holidays as there was always a demand from students coming to the UK from Europe to study the culture and language. Could also try nursery schools as these are open all year round and as you are probably already CRB checked then it is easy for them to appoint you and makes it easier for them to cover permanent employees holiday times. Maybe theme parks as these also take on more staff during the summer holidays.

Anyway, try and cheer up. I am sure there is something out there for you. Take care x


Thanks, I teach adults and you can't cross over your skills to children but you can from children to adults lol.

I don't drive so can't go too far as can't do the crowded trains anymore either lol lots of things going wrong at the moment but I'm sure it's got to change soon x


Hi Twinkle26

Sorry to read you are feeling poorly, I empathize with being grouchy when I go through a period of finding it difficult to sleep and although I am retired I find it really difficult in those times when I am surrounded by lots of people.

Depending on where you are in the country will, I suspect, depend on how many part time jobs you could find or fill in jobs. It may not really be up your street but sometimes working in a supermarket can have advantages of flexible hours and after a while discount on food sales - a help to the budget. In my past working life I also worked in a pub to earn some extra cash during a difficult time but with the painful hip that may not be a great option.

Unfortunately caring for family does not bring in any remuneration but I think staff are always needed in the caring profession however wages I believe are pretty much minimum wage per hour.

I am sure you have already thought of these easier work options and maybe you will get lucky with the job centre.

As to your hip pain, I sometimes get this on my left side and I get stiff very quickly. I have had an electric hand held massage tool for years, similar to this but much older.

Beurer MG40 Infrared Massager

I tried this as a link but it has not come up so you could try googling if you think it of any help. At 29.99 UK pounds it is not overly expensive and as I say I have had mine for years, certainly more than 10. It is really helpful for muscle pain but if your hip needs replacing then it will be a visit to the specialist! Not sure if this would be contra indicated if you are a diabetic but you could always check.

Hope you are soon feeling a little more cheery.

best wishes

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Thank you x


Hi, When they did / do the checks on your blood for your PBC, did/do they also check your Vitamin D and calcium levels, as well as a other vits and minerals? It now seems to be commonly accepted that one of the symptoms of PBC is muscle and joint pain and that this can lead to osteoporosis-type issues. As it's harder for someone with PBC to absorb Vitamin D, and this then means that calcium is not properly utilised, this can be the cause of joint pain. I would ask to have vits and mins checked, especially Vit D and calcium.

NB Don't self-medicate until you've had your levels checked, as it may be you need the larger doses that a GP needs to give you.

Also, don't let them fob you off with talk of 'age' or taking painkillers, or that joint pain is not a common symptom of PBC (NB it is! See the report in the last copy of the 'PBC Foundation's newsletter 'Bear Facts'!!). Also, there's currently loads in the UK press about how: 'Everybody' should be taking more Vit D, as most of us don't get enough in our diet, and our climate (particularly this summer!!) also means that we don't make enough in our skin.

Go to the GP and insist on tests! Hope this helps.

Good luck, take care!


Thank you, I'm 51 feel older lol.

I had hysterectomy in my late 30s and have hurt patch, I'm having a dexa scan in August check bone density.

I will ask go about vitamins if I can get an appointment there a month away at the moment.

Thanks again.

C. Xx


HRT patches lol


I have osteopenia from the PBC my liver dr. Had me have a dexa scan too it came back with this diagnosis she put me on a supplement , calcium with D over the counter not a prescription. Glad we caught it early as it can cause fractures. She had my thyroid and vitamin levels checked the D vitamins as thyroid and low D are common in PBC I have low thyroid and take synthroid for that, hope this helps some....

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Thank you. I will speak to the doctor. C x

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