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Fexofenadine Hydrochloride

I had an increase in the Ursofalk earlier this year and since then the itch seems to be worse. I have had two different types of antihistamines before which removed most of the uncontrollable desire to scratch . In an email questionnaire with my surgery, (a different way to have a consultation) the web doctor prescribed the above named anti histamine which does not seem to have made much difference to me although I have only had one tablet so far.

I have a telephone consultation booked with my GP on Tuesday but I have to get through my birthday this weekend where I will be in a lot of company where scratching like I have fleas is not an option!

Any of you kind folk out there got any helpful solutions to get me through the weekend? I exfoliate with rough gloves (love that!) cream my skin and will continue to take tablets.

I know the issue of itching is a problem for many of us but not all - oddly I have also been more tired since the itching but I do not think my sleep at night is badly impacted.

Look forward to your helpful comments. Thank you

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Hello butterflyEi.

Sounds like you are in that Catch 22 situation. Apparently urso can also cause itching as a side effect. I know in the beginning of taking urso over 5 years ago I thought the itch was worse for the first few months but then gradually over time and a few years down the line it has altered. I do think though that the urso does help the PBC and thus the itch but at the same time the urso causes the itch so it isn't cancelled out so-to-speak.

I have no solutions really as I am after over 6 years of itching myself still trying to fathom something out. I think a difficult one as we need food to survive yet it is the after digestion process that causes us to itch with PBC.

I find that I cannot use an exfoliating mitt or anything rough on my skin as it just causes the itch to feel more intense so it is better to just rub my skin. I find having a bath first thing in the morning with a bit of salt or Epsom Salts in the water these days seems to be quite beneficial but I know if I am to bathe at night my skin feels considerably worse which I think might be due to open pores for awhile.

I tend to cut off eating when I've had the evening meal and I find for me this is a good thing. I know though I am itching by 11p.m., by 6a.m. it has all gone. Some nights I find I have broken sleep but other nights I might wake just the once or twice but it isn't detrimental as I've dropped off before I feel itchy again.

Don't know if you've tried this but I find if I use any sort of cream to moisturise my skin, legs/feet in particular I tend to stat itching not long after. I put it down to blocking the pores. Not sure how you would be if you left out using cream the once to see?

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Hi Peridot. Long time since we talked. For the skin, because of the itching,I now bath with 100% pure Olive Oil soap, a Natural cleanser for body and Hair from Turkey (does not have a good smell, but one will do anything to try and lessen the itch. I get it here from one of the big Pharmacies in South Africa. Further I also put bicarbonate of soda of Epson salts in the bath. Keep well and greetings


HI - When I talked to my specialist about wether or not the URSO causes the itching - she said it should actually help - as it helps things to flow a bit better. She said the itching is harder to treat and it's not a skin condition -(I'd suggested the UVB therapy) but she said it's for skin conditions and that's not what's causing the itching. She said it's harder to treat - I take antihistamines and they help somewhat. The Benedryl I take is a night time one and helps me sleep.

hope you find something that helps.

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I don't suffer much from itching unless I eat fatty foods, then it drives me mad until the fat is out if my system. If all else fails it worth be worth keeping a food diary to see if any particular food makes the itching worse for you. The Urso didn't affect the itching at all for me.



Hope your birthday do went well? You were right, made me smile, the itching like fleas, its that itch within that can't be sated sometimes!

I currently take Loratadine, but have been prescribed Fexofenadine, not yet tried it, would you say it helps? Sometimes a cooling water spray and a shower helps the itching a bit. Depends if the cause is the liver, or something else I'm reacting to, eg animals or pollen. If you can identify something as a cause, lessening your time round it might help x


Thank you Shine1, yes I had a great birthday thank you.

The Fexofenadine did not help me. I was constantly flushed and suffered sleep disturbance. I have a spray which cools the skin for emergency situations. I will look up Loratadine and perhaps mention it to the GP. I am in the process of changing surgeries and waiting for an appointment with a specialist in the hope of finding some solution.



I just saw this now, glad you had a great birthday.

I havent tried Fexofenadine yet, am thinking of trying it, also been offered Hydroxychloroquine for joint pain and overactive immune system, my itching can get pretty intense! Have been diagnosed with Sjogrens too, Not tried the Hydroxychloroquine yet either, just on the Urso at the moment, but same as you, thinking of trying other meds just to see what can help and dampen things down. Loratadine is a general antihistamine, you should be able to get its equivalent over the counter or from your GP (are you in the UK?)

Its a thermal water spray I found, remember thinking whats the difference really, but it genuinely helps a little cooling down heat rashes or itchy areas. For years have tried to use organic natural skin care, rather than products with lots of bizarre named ingredients!! Same as you, still get the itching a lot, always good to read what other people do and use. X

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