Fibroscan results! 😀

Hi everyone, I just wanted to share my good news. I had a fibroscan today and the normal reading is 7 or below...well I had mine today and the reading was 3. I am so relieved, it seems as though the urso is working and my herbal and probiotic milk drink is helping my liver to be ok. I'm now on annual tests for the fibroscan. I'm so relieved that I can now just get on with living my life normally again and look forward.

I know many on here are not in such a good place but this post is aimed at those newly diagnosed and scared about the future as I was just a few months ago.

Feeling very happy and relieved.

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  • I am happy for you too 😊

  • Thanks :-)

  • So happy for you! Gives me some hope x

  • Thanks...we all have to have hope. Fingers crossed for you xx

  • Hi and congrats. Terrific. Can u tell me what supplements and probiotic drink etc u are doing. Thanx.

  • Hi 2bear,

    Sorry, I've not been on here for a while. Been struggling a bit lately with negative thoughts! I think this has been because I've not been looking after myself properly after my good results I kind of went back to my old ways of eating...just goes to show how much food affects us!! Need to get back into it again!

    The fermented milk drink I take is called kefir. I bought the initial 'grains' (although they're not really grains, more like little lumps of jelly) from happy kombuccha website. What you do is put the grains in some milk...whole milk is best, but they do work with semi-skimmed. Leave them for 12-24 hours and they turn the milk into a kind of thin yoghurt. You strain the grains off drink the milk and put the sieved grains in some more fresh milk and repeat. The grains multiply over time, so you start off with a very small amount and over time they gradually get bigger, increase in number and get stronger. I've have my grains for a few months now and they're really strong. I've split them a couple of times, and have frozen the splits...not sure if they'll revive from the freezer but they are supposed to...we'll see.

    The yoghurt I use on my muesli in the morning. It tastes quite sour so I add fruit and a bit of sugar...or you can use stevia to sweeten, but not honey, as honey is an antibiotic and this is probiotic. The probiotics in homemade kefir are loads more beneficial than anything you buy, and once you've bought your grains they should last work out cheaper. Google kefir and you'll find loads of info.

    The other thing I take is a herbal tincture that my herbalist friend made up for me, it includes milk thistle, among other things. Best to get a herbalist to make one specially for you as shop bought herbal remedies often have other rubbish in them and very little of the actual herb. Mine tastes pretty yuk but I dilute it in some water and just pretend it's a before dinner shot!!

    I don't know if these supplements are helping, but they're certainly not hindering. It may be just down to the urso, but I certainly feel the kefir helps with my tummy. Less flatulance and less bloating...and as I just put it on my muesli instead of milk it's not fattening either.

    If you need any more info please just message me.

    Good luck

    Hilary xx

  • That's great news Hilary! I took your advice and have been adding kefir and kombucha probiotic drinks to my diet. I think it really helps! I've been buying low-sugar probiotic drinks at the grocery store to try them out. But I will be ordering my own grains soon. Thanks again for your advice! And congrats on your scan results!

  • Hey that's great! The store kefir is milder than the home you may need to sweeten it...I personally use fruit or sugar, but stevia is a sugar free alternative. Just don't use honey, as it's a natural antibiotic and works against the probiotic apparently!

    Thanks for the congratulations!

    Let me know how you get on :-)

  • Brilliant news ! Very pleased to hear. ☺☺

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