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Anti inflammatories


Hi has anybody had any issues about taking ibuprofen etc, it s just I have bad toothache at the moment and the doctor s say I m not allowed to take them as I have pbc?

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I am in between to opinions, my consultant says to take ibuprofen and not paracetamol and my gp says to take paracetamol and not ibuprofen as it is bad for your stomach but to be honest both of these make me feel ill since I got PBC but I will take either if I am in agony but I only take one 200 ibro or one paracetamol.

Thanks for your reply , their are so many conflicting decisions on what is best. I think I ll do what you do as I ve got to the point that if I m in so much pain I ll take whatever makes me feel a bit better .

I asked 2 pharmacists if I could take Nurofen Plus and she said that was okay, I was fine with it

Thanks for replying yes I ve taken some ibuprofen and I feel ok :)

I'm not sure why, but years ago, I was using plenty of different anti-inflammatories for back pain, and tendonitis. Finally I had a show of blood in the urine at least 3 times. Later there was blood in the stool, so, I had to stop them. I take Tylenol for pain like that.


I know my Dr, said I could take ibuprofen just not to over do it or take it regularly. I don't know what stage you're at, but if you're in pain take some and go see your Dr. as soon as you can to find out what he thinks.

Loopyblue in reply to SLWB

Thanks for reply my doc does nt give me much he d probably say don t take them it was the dentist who said to take them as he said I needed them .

I use aspro clear they are brilliant and I haven't had any problems , I think as long as you do not over use any of the medications you will be fine

Morning! :) I cannot take ibuprofen as I am on sulfasalazine. Prior to that I did, safely with no problems. My husband, on the other hand, has stomach bleeding if he takes it, he does not have PBC. I also take paracetamol and when needed codeine 30mg. I think a lot of medicines, especially "over the counter" ones are fine to take, as long as used sensibly. I'm not a Doctor, Scientist or Pharmacist so my info is from my own personal experience :)

I was told I could take up to 4 paracetamol a day if needed (half the recommended doze). I try not to take any at all but sometimes you just have to if you are in pain. I have been given prescription Co-codamol before. They worked the first time with no problems but when I took them the second time I felt really light headed (bit like being tipsy). Think it depends on your own body. Keep it to the minimum. Keep well. X

LouWooda in reply to Jtxx

Yes, co-codamol (codeine, kapake, solpadol etc) do make you feel a bit "tipsy" as they are an opioid. I quite like the feeling, LOL! (Should I be ashamed? heheh) x :)


I have always been advised by my liver consultant to not take anti inflammatories but a few paracetamol were ok.

Hope pain reduces


The doctors I have asked have all recommended ibuprofen but not paracetamol. Before pbc I used to take both medicines for headaches, back pain etc. but now I only take ibuprofen when the pain is really bad as I was told that the liver has to work that much harder when you take ibuprofen.

My doctor told me to weigh up benefits. If I am suffering take pain relief but not too many. Only as a short term aid. I use forehead stick for mild headaches and take pain relief when needed. It might depend how much damage there is to your liver. Can you phone your gp and ask what he recommends you take. You can't be expected to suffer.

Thank you to u all for your reply s gonna take fhe ibuprofen for three days as in a lot of pain and paracetamol too. Fingers crossed it will subside

This sounds like a similar situation that I had 18 months ago.

Just be careful about the pain killers you use. I had a concoction of antibiotics and Ibubrofen / Nurophen as I had a big infection with lots of pain. If you decide to try the painkiller only take as prescribed. I took too much as I didn't know where to put my head for several days, and ended up in hospital - jaundiced and very unwell. In hospital they gave me Codiene - I was very sick. So just be careful. Paracetamol works for me.

I can't offer an option just a caution. I was diagnosed with PBC 8 years ago. and generally in good health other than that fatigue thing. and occasional itching.

Take care.

Loopyblue in reply to Annac

Thanks annac

I know I ve had pbc for 8 yrs too and mainly have the lethargy. This is first time I ve been in a lot of pain and you want to take the whole box to stop it . I will be careful hopefully it will improve soon and I won t have to take any. Thanks for your thoughts.

U can take paracetamol and ibuprofen but only take two a day no more but I would only take ibuprofen u can take up to 4 a day

In agony with a spur of bone growing into my sciatic nerve I pleaded for pain relief but still was only allowed paracetamol by my consultant and on another visit by a different older visiting consultant

Loopyblue in reply to Oidra

I m sorry to hear your in so much pain. What are we meant to do suffer in agony, surely their must be something we can take other than paracetamol , which does nothing .

LouWooda in reply to Oidra

Ask for a steroid injection x

Oidra in reply to LouWooda

Had one but it did nothing, but a week later I had the operation and have been good since. Thank you for your suggestion.

LouWooda in reply to Oidra

Glad to hear you are better, now. I have steroid injections for arthritis but I agree, they are no quick-fix. They take a couple of weeks to fully kick-in x

My agony ended with an operation but I do understand what it is like to have continual pain. I did stick to paracetamol but it did nothing for me really. On the plus side I didn't have any after effects but that is no comfort to anyone in pain day after day so I hope you find something that helps you soon.

My liver specialist told me it was ok to take any pain reliever in "moderation," except Tylenol. Tylenol is the most damaging to the liver, even if you don't have PBC.

If i take anything stronger than Paracetamol then i end up in Hospitial, it really upsets the Liver, the pain is unbearable to the point i have to have Morphine.. I can only have four Paracetamol a Day...

I had a shoulder op eight weeks ago and still bad and cannot get inflammation down due to the face that we cannot take ibuprofen but I think needs must and have taken it at times but is seems to cause nausia so on and off I take it half strength (one tablet instead of two). Problem with this illness what do we take when we really get sick. They did have me on tramadol and another strong pain killer when I first had it done and they knocked me out for two days!

Hi Loopyblue ,

I have PBC ~ listed for transplant on Oct. 24th 2013 up until a month ago i was told i could take ibupropfen but now they say NO MORE and i am allowed 2000 mg of Tylnol if needed ~ needless to say there is no Tylnol in house as i was told not to use it so until i get some i have had some severe pain and just took one 200 mg ibuprofen . hope this helps and you are out of pain soon !

Thanks for your reply sorry to hear your in pain, poor u . I can t get Tylenol here I m in England is that the same as paracetamol ?

Yes Loopyblue , it says that Paracetamol is actiomenphen ( tylnol ) . hope this helps .

Hi Loopyblue

My Hepatologist told me that I may take paracetamol, but I'm not to take non-steroidal anti-inflammatories - so I don't.


Loopyblue in reply to Pat_H

Thanks pat

Yes I m just taking paracetamol and have stopped the ibuprofen. Problem is what do u do when you need an anti inflammatory because paracetamol don t work for me .

Hi Loopyblue

When I had my gall bladder out I was given a stronger version of paracetamol, but I can't remember what it was called. Whatever it was, I think its probably available only on prescription.


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