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PBC and anti Depressants


I have PBC and my husband was killed in an accident at work last December. I am finding it so hard to cope, we married as teenagers, he was 55 and fit as a fiddle, my GP has now prescribed me Paroxetine. Does anyone know if these are safe to take with my liver disease?

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I am so so very sorry to hear about the loss of your husband. How tragic. And having an illness to cope with on top of everything makes it harder I'm sure. Can I ask? How long have you had PBC? Are you taking URSO or Ocaliva?

I find the best way to find out if medications can be taken together or if they can be taken at all, because of our PBC, is to ask your doctor or pharmacist. They can give you the safest medical advice. ❤


pmpaula in reply to Ktltel

Hi Stella, I had been ill for some time but was diagnosed in July 2017, I am taking Urso which has shown a good improvement with my LFT's. I am currently under Kings in London but not due to see them until July. Unfortunately my GP has a large number of locums who do not seem to have much knowledge of PBC. I have to continually remind them of my condition and the painkillers that I cannot take for my joint pains.

Paula x

So sorry to hear what you are going through. I think the best thing to do would be to talk to your liver specialist. You might also want to phone the PBC Foundation. They should be able to advise you also. Best of luck.

Oh gosh... I'm so sorry for your loss. And then to have the PBC diagnosis.. It's good that you are reaching out for help with depression. Given the shock of diagnosis and grief you are going through... Well, whatever help you can get is good. I had a loss that sent me to counseling- for grief counseling and it really helped me- So in addition if you are open to it maybe some counseling could be helpful too.

As for the medications- I hear you. I had a hand surgery and couple days of pain- and I had to weigh it out- and for me ( and me only) I took a few pain pills to make it through the worst.

Here in my city(Chicago) we can email our providers and at least get some feedback. I hope you can get some answers and guidance some how... Here's a hug from across the pond..

So sad to hear of your terrible loss i would suggest you check with your liver specialist

Take care

Hi pmpaula

I am so sorry to read of your loss and having to cope with being newly diagnosed it is a very difficult time for you.

If you telephone the secretary of the specialist of the hospital you are under and leave a message asking for guidance on whether Paroxetine is safe for your condition then someone should be able to telephone you back. A quicker way may be to book an appointment with the pharmacy that is dispensing the Paroxetine - they will be able to look it up on their system. Does the patient information leaflet make any mention of caution with liver disease?

For myself to smother the so called itch of PBC I take a cocktail of drugs that I would much prefer not to be taking, one of them is sertraline which is an anti depressant which does not seem to have any adverse effects on me. Sometimes the need to medicate outweigh the disadvantages of that medication


with much sympathy

I take clonipin and zoloft for ptsd with ursol.

I am so sorry for your loss.

Please give the secretary of your liver specialist a call. I had to do the same and got a call back quickly from a lovely doctor who answered my question there and then.

That is very sad...you must feel lost and so glad you came on the site. You already have good information. Personally I would contact your consultants secretary..GPs are not always so up in what you can and cant take..they are all rounders and good at that but not specialists. Take care and come on line whenever you want to chat or contact me directly.

Feeling sad for you, it must have been a terrible shock. I lost my healthy father to a sudden accident many years ago but will never forget the feeling. Hope you have people around to support you. Do stay in touch with this group, lots of kindness and empathy here. Big hug Diane

How sad 😢 I can't begin to know what you are going through. As other people have said your consultants secretary would be a good contact. I've phoned mine and found her very helpful, also Robert at the PBC foundation seems to have an immense amount of knowledge. I haven't personally contacted him but lots on here have. Stay in touch on this forum it's full of support.

I'm so sorry to hear your sad story. I've been on Citalopram for some years and developed PBC 3 years ago and have been on Urso for all that time. Neither my liver specialist nor my GP have shown any concern with regard to this. In fact, when I discussed reducing my dosage of anti-depressants my GP encouraged me not to do this.

I would discuss with your various consultants, and check The British Liver Trust, choosing the PBC site to explore. I've found it very helpful. Good luck with this.


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