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4 Month Progress Report :)

I wanted to post an update to how my treatment plans are going.


Liver Panel:

AST (normal 0-40)

Oct 2015 - 113 High

Nov 2015 - 57 High

Feb 2016 - 14 Normal

ALT (normal 0-32)

Oct 2015 - 170 High

Nov 2015 - 92 High

Feb 2016 - 17 Normal

Alkaline Phosphatase (normal 39-117)

Oct 2015 - 49 Normal

Nov 2015 - 45 Normal

Feb 2016 - 49 Normal

Bilirubin (normal 0-1.2)

Oct 2015 - 0.8 Normal

Nov 2015 - 1.8 High

Feb 2016 - 1.3 High

Bilirubin, Direct (normal 0-.4)

Oct 2015 - not tested

Nov 2015 - .27 Normal

Feb 2016 - .25 Normal

Lipid Panel:

Cholesterol, Total (normal 100-199)

Nov 2015 - 214 High

Feb 2016 - 175 Normal

Triglycerides (normal 0-149)

Nov 2015 - 209 High

Feb 2016 - 138 Normal

HDL Cholesterol (normal greater than 39)

Nov 2015 - 38 Low

Feb 2016 - 42 Normal

LDL Cholesterol (normal 0-99)

Nov 2015 - 134 High

Feb 2016 - 105 High

Vitamin D, 25-Hydroxy (normal 30-100)

Nov 2015 - 21.4 Low

Feb 2016 - 49.4 Normal

Treatment Plan Progress:

Fatty Liver Disease - I have been watching my diet and avoiding alcohol since October, so 5 months. In February, I started eating a diet of mainly fresh fruits and vegetables, salads, soups, oven veggies, and making my own juices. I think the live enzymes, antioxidants, and nutrients in fresh vegetables have accelerated healing and promoted cell health. I lost 10 pounds, and my AST and ALT levels have returned to the normal range. I see the hepatologist next month. Follow up MRI in May should hopefully reveal less fatty deposits in the liver.

PBC - I have been taking Ursodiol for about 3 months with no side effects. Digestive issues, bloating, and abdominal swelling stopped when I started Ursodiol. My Bilirubin has been slightly elevated, but ALP remains stable and normal. I see the hepatologist next month. Follow up MRI will check bile ducts for signs of damage.

Cholesterol/Triglycerides - I have been watching my diet and avoiding alcohol for 5 months. In February, I started the fresh fruits and vegetables diet, as mentioned before. I lost 10 pounds. Cholesterol and Triglycerides are back in the normal range for the first time in years. LDL (the bad cholesterol) is just 6 points too high. I will not need to start anti-cholesterol medications. I would like to continue my diet and exercise as I still need to lose 10 more pounds to be in the normal weight range.

Vitamin D Deficiency - I have been taking a mega dose of prescription Vitamin D once a week. Vitamin D levels are now normal, so the doctor has switched me to a daily over the counter Vitamin D supplement. My fatigue is completely gone. I am not bursting with energy, but I would say my energy level is medium and I have been able to take exercise classes a couple times per week. 4 months ago that was impossible for me.

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Chynablue Very good to see the progress and the effort you put in by eating only good stuff. It was rewarding and gives you that motivation to go on. Well done


great news chynablue, well done

best wishes

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Sounds like you're doing all the right things and it's paying off. Glad to hear you're making such good progress. This is a lovely post and is giving me a great deal of hope. I'm just a few months into my PBC and like you I'm trying to eat healthier...not quite as dedicated as you!! But my LFTs are improving, so maybe I just need to make a bit more effort. I still have the odd glass of wine, but I'm trying to cut down on crap foods and stick to non processed ones. My energy levels are a bit low, but the itch seems to have subsided so I am sleeping better. Once I sort out my anxiety attacks (probably brought on by my dad being ill on top of the initial diagnosis) I'm hoping to returning to a normal life.

Thanks for the update, hope you continue to progress well. Xx


Thank you so much for this detailed feedback! I know we are all different, but it's great to see how quickly you are rebounding. I am worried because my alk phos was so high upon diagnosis (338) that I have lots of fears about my ability to respond to the Urso (praying I am WRONG!) You are an inspiration!


My iron was low and my vitamin do was 8 where 30 was the bottom. I discovered on my own because I get an online report of my test. So I bought an over-the-counter iron tablets and vitamin D 3 and eating are you eating and I've never felt better since I've been diagnosed. I'm 77 years old and I'm mulching leaves with my lawn mower climbing on ladders which I shouldn't be having open houses at a rental I'm trying to sell so that involves putting out signs and everything. Who knows? It's supposed to rain for a week I'll get my trial to see if all this internal sunshine lasts.


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