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New to the site

Hello Everyone,

I"m new to this even though I was diagnosed with PBC through blood tests and a liver biopsy in October 2012. After the initial shock and horror and then having my wonderful doctor to guide me through this and of course, three years on, I am doing well. The reason I'm just joining this group is because 4 months after my diagnosis my husband was diagnosed with tongue cancer and so all my energy and focus was on him for these past three years. Quite a journey! And we are blessed that he has made a full recovery and now I can focus more on my health.

I will post more in the next few days about my vitamin intake, fatigue, exercise and all the worries and the positives I have discovered with this. This past hour I have been reading lots of your comments and have empathized with you and been comforted also.

Sites like these are such a help and I know how much I was helped and helped others on the Oral Cancer Site during my husband's illness.

So an advanced thank you to all of you. I am glad to be a part of this community.

Just a head's up. Although I'm English I live in USA (I think this site is UK based?) and so forgive my spelling on certain words. 'Tis not me, 'tiZ my computer, especially with the "Z's!!!!"

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Hello PLB and welcome. Lovely to read your positive post.

Although this forum is supported by the PBC Foundation based in Scotland, Health Unlocked seems to reach many countries which I find very helpful. Not all doctors are sympathetic to PBC so it is great to read that you have a wonderful doctor.

Good also to read a positive story on cancer, well done to your husband.

best wishes

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Hi and welcome. Glad to hear your husband is doing well! Yes time to focus on you. I am newly diagnosed and from Canada. This site is amazing. I am learning more from this site than any reading I have done because we are the people who living with it with all the ups and downs.

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Hello PLB21,

Have you already registered with the PBC Foundation? If not, it is completely free to do so and can be done by visiting our website and following the instructions.

We provide support to those affected by PBC in around 71 countries and in the region of 10,000 registered service users.

We support our service users in a number of ways and these are all completely free of charge :

1) our website

2) our patient's compendium, Living with PBC

3) produce leaflets for patients and healthcare professionals

4) quarterly magazine, The Bear Facts

5) Confidential helpline service

6) Self-Management Workshops (UK)

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. I have included some useful contact details for you.

Website: pbcfoundation.org.uk

Office: 0131 556 6811

Email: info@pbcfoundation.org.uk

Best wishes

PBC Foundation

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Thank you!


You are most welcome.

Best wishes

PBC Foundation



What a relief that your husband has the all clear, that must have been hard.

Its good you've joined here. It really is helpful.

I dont post that often, but find it really good to know there's others in same boat, especially when symptoms play up!

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